Life is full of changes.  Some we see coming and others that catch us off guard.

Recently my husband sat and spoke with me about the possibility of us moving to a different state.  When he originally mentioned it to me, I was completely against it.  Tears began to fall, I was quiet for a while.  Louisiana is all I know, I’ve been a resident of Louisiana all my life. My family is here, our church home is here, our friends are here, our kids are involved here and lastly our comfort is here.

Each of us have our own comfort zone which is good and bad.  We become comfortable and stagnant when change doesn’t happen.  But I have learned with time that change brings growth.  Which is good for you but scary at the same time.  Changes makes you rely more on God and less on yourselves.

After many weeks of praying, contemplating and discussing, we made a big decision, the Dumas’ will be moving to Texas!

Our friends and family who already know about the move often ask us how do you feel? We feel excited, overjoyed, scared, terrified but we know that if we keep God first everything will be ok.

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What will happen to Da’Stylish Foodie??  I’m glad that you asked, DSF is going to be a Texas Blogger now!  Bringing you the best of Texas, as well the best of all of my travel spots!  I will still maintain a Louisiana presence since I will be coming back to see my family often.

The Pass & Provisions, Cresta di Gallo, Hen of The Woods, Roasted Yeast and Parmesan

My Houston people, send me your restaurant recommendations, the must try places and the best family places to go!

My husband has been in Texas the past few days and he had this incredible lunch yesterday (pictured above) called the Cresta di Gallo. This dish looked amazing and he said how delicious the dish was from The Pass and Provisions. The Pass & Provisions will be one of the first places on my list once we officially move to Houston.

Send me your recommendations!

As we make this big move, we know that even in the midst of our excitement, joy, happiness and willingness to journey into a new adventure; there will be days that we are afraid, excited, homesick, frightened, but we know that  “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way” (Psalm 37:23 KJV). We trust that He has a perfect plan for us and we can’t wait to see what is in store.

Follow our journey to Texas!


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