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Coffee is not the traditional drink it use to be. You know, just black and a little sugar. There are so many coffee creamers, fancy sugars, whipped cream and much more. Now days, you can make the drink as fancy as you want to. Coffee shops are constantly working to bring the best drinks to their customers.

But I do realize that there are times that we can’t make it to the coffee shop every morning. I love coffee and I started playing around with different drinks for the person who loves the yummy drinks but want to create their own at home.

I’m a big fan of Torani’s syrups and sauces.  So today’s creation is the Torani Almond Joy Latte.  Follow these simple directions and you should be able to do it yourself at home.

I created a little fun video of myself creating this Latte. My friends had the opportunity to try this creation and they have given me their approval!

[evp_embed_video url=”https://dastylishfoodie.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/ToraniAlmondJoyLatte.mp4″]

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Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Recipe Notes


  1. Toast the Coconut in a skillet for a few minutes. Don't burn.
  2. Brew your hot coffee.
  3. Add 8 oz or so to your coffee mug of choice.
  4. Add Torani Almond Syrup to the coffee. Stir
  5. Add sugar and 2 squirts of Torani Chocolate Sauce.
  6. Optional: Drizzle chocolate sauce on a mug to decorate.
  7. Pour coffee in a mug.
  8. Top with whipped cream all around.
  9. Drizzle more chocolate sauce on top.
  10. Add toasted coconut on top.
  11. Finish with Chopped Almonds
  12. ENJOY!

Make your version at home and email me a picture of your creation dastylishfoodie@gmail.com or tag me on Instagram @dastylishfoodie15.

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