Traveling as a family is something we always love. Our kids have been traveling since they were much younger. We introduced them to road trips at an early age. No matter where we travel we always find a museum or a aquarium.


I am so excited to share about this place my family and I visited.


We recently took the kids to one of the coolest museums we have ever had the privilege of visiting.

The DoSeum is San Antonio’s only museums that caters just to kids.


Kids having the opportunity to learn by doing, creating and tinkering. A very hands on approach to learning. The kids were blown away.


The museum is situated on 5.5 acres, 26,000 square feet of indoor space and 39,000 square outdoor space.


As we entered we loved the look of the museum.


One of the first things we saw was the mirrors. The mirrors elongated your body depending on how close or far you stood in front of it.


We stopped by the Big Wind machine. The machine did just what it said, blew A BIG WIND! So cool.


Z-man put on a cape and watched it fly.


There was a cool station called the Nitty Fish where you were given step by step instructions to create your fish that would later be input into the virtual tank. So cool.


The Pulley Up station allowed the kids to figure out how to use the ropes to drop the balls through the hole.


Sensations studio makes light and sounds come alive.


An area that allowed you to play with light and sound. So cool.


Baby girl and her dad had an opportunity to play a virtual game together. I think that the hubby enjoyed this just as much as baby girl. Really cool.


There was a section that allowed the kiddos to build and design their own city.


With buildings, trees, signs, roads and so much more.


The Explore Area encouraged the kids to explore man-made aspects of living in San Antonio.


Little town catered more to the smaller kids like Z-man. With stations like a Post Office, a Dump Truck, Trolley, etc. Such a cool space.


This area also included real life, daily activities like riding a trolley, airplanes and construction worker spaces.


The little guy was mesmerized by the airplane. He was so excited.


He had a blast. A great area for role playing like the adults in their lives.


The Innovation space is a space that really gets the kids to think no matter their age. By designs solutions to problems by constructing devices and structures.  The sections were age appropriate. Newborn to 4 Bridge functions, sound structures through experimental thinking. So fun.

The Launch It Up area allows kids to build objects that float or launch upward in the air. We used a coffee filter that we used to rise like a helicopter out of tube, cool indeed.


Finally the 8-11 year old section included robotics. Programming a robot to dance on a dance floor.  We loved this area.


Oh my so cool.


In addition, if a kid is interested in STEM, the DoSeum offers a Maker Workshop. So awesome. Wish we lived closer so our daughter could be apart of it.


The kiddos visited an area called the SPY Academy. This may have been one of my favorite places in the DoSeum.


Z-man and baby girl both were stoked about this area.


The spy academy is a kid’s dream if they love dress up and solving mysteries. Cracking codes, spy attire, solving problems, assignments and helping fellow spies out of sticky situations and so much more.


As we entered this area. I loved all the lights. The pops of white spaces.
Imagine It, allows kids to use their imaginations to express themselves.


We loved the little seating area where there were books to read in different types of cubicles. So cute.


Before proceeding to the next section, we decided to stop and have lunch. The cafe offered food that was well thought out and not your traditional kids food like hot dogs, nachos and popcorn.


The DoSeum Café, operated by Bakery Lorraine, features meals that are kid-friendly snacks and meals that are both filling and delicious. Allowing families to turn a visit into a day of adventure.


The cafe offered meals like soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Options for both parents and kids.


Z-man and baby girl both ordered the grilled cheese kids meals. The sandwiches were served with chips, applesauce or fresh fruit.


I ordered the hot ham and cheese sandwich. With Tomato Basil Soup.


The sandwich was served on sourdough with mustard and honey. Served with chips and a pickle.


My husband ordered the chicken salad served on a croissant with artichoke aïoli, dried cranberries, tomato confit and spinach. Served with chips and a pickle.


For dessert, we ordered a few cupcakes to share. The cupcakes were delicious.


There were many pastry options to choose from, I took a picture of this super cute bear.


Absolutely Adorable.


The options for lunch exceeded our expectations. After fueling up, our kids were ready for round 2.


We headed to the outdoor space, oh my goodness so awesome.


A bubble and water interactive space for the kids as well as the kids at heart.


It was a hot day and this space was perfect.


We also checked out the super-sized outdoor slide, playhouse.


Baby girl had a blast. OMG!! She wore herself out, this space was for the older kids.


There was also a treehouse area with greenery and a seating area, so nice.


It’s almost like being whisked away to a place unknown, each space was different.

Overall we had a fun-filled day at the DoSeum. We had no idea what we were in for when we arrived. This museum exceeded our expectations.

We spent the entire day at the museum. Something special was that the museum catered to the older kids as well. Not just for the babies and toddlers but interactive and informative options for kids up to age 11. Most museums do not, definitely a plus.

Having an in-house cafe was awesome. Offering good food, gluten free options and of course dessert. Items that were kid-friendly but also a menu that served items that even the parents would love.

Our time at Doseum was incredible. We would definitely go back. The DoSeum is on our top 5 list of children’s museums we have seen thus far.


The DoSeum and Cafe is located at 2800 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX 78209. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.