Sweet Potato Beignet King Cakes

Beignets have become a favorite of many here in Louisiana.  Thanks to Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, many restaurants have recreated these yummy treats.

Since it’s the weekend, I wanted to share a cup of coffee and a Sweet Potato Beignet King Cake with you. Two delicious things in one, king cake + beignets = deliciousness.

Now I know some of you might be saying Oh My!!! the calories.  Well what if I told you they were sweet potato beignets.  Yay.  Now we are talking, get in some vegetables too.

The sweet potato king cake is available in a smaller size than your average king cake.

The beignets king cake were delicious. The softness of the beignet, sweet potato cinnamon spiced and the king cake icing.  A pretty good combination if I must say myself.  This paired nicely with a hot cup of coffee.

This yummy goodness was courtesy of Cajun Market Donut.  Cajun Market donuts is serving up some of the best donuts, kolaches and cinnamon rolls around town. Offering a large variety of flavors that you can’t always find at other donut shops.

I love that this king cake was so different.  It was yummy,  the beignets made me want more.  Some places the king cakes are too sweet and I usually don’t want but one piece. But not this one.  Delicious.

I might have another one with a cup of coffee again this morning.  Happy eating!

Cajun Market Donut is located at 1812 W Pinhook Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508. There are other locations in Lafayette, Broussard and Breaux Bridge, LA.  Go and get you one, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.