Pies are one of the most popular desserts for Thanksgiving.  I am a sweets girl so I love pie.  There are so many different types of pies, pecan, apple, peach, pumpkin just to name a few.

We didn’t go home for Thanksgiving this year, so we had to find the best pies in town. According to many locals, the Flying Saucer Pie Co is the place to get your pies.

So my hubby and I decided to head out and pick up a few.  As we were driving up to the place we immediately noticed the line outside.  Which thankful our friends told us be prepared to wait.

We found a parking spot a few blocks away.  Hoped in line and the wait began.  The line was blocks and blocks away from the actual spot.

One thing I noticed is that everyone who came out of the door with at least 3 pies.

The others customers waiting in line near us were super friendly.  We chatted and talked about the whole tradition of having a Flying Saucer Pie. Flying Saucer is a popular name in households this time of year.

As we were rounding the corner approaching the entrance of the door we noticed people putting chairs out waiting to be in line first on Wednesday!  Oh my word!  These people are serious.

If I can be honest I’m thinking to myself this pie better be good.

The Flying Saucer has both Fruit pies like apple, peach, cherry, pecan and pumpkin and also Cream pies like strawberry, chocolate, banana and more.  In addition, cheesecakes like strawberry, key lime and cherry.

We ended up walking out with three pies.  The chocolate cream and strawberry cream pie and the peach pie.

Thankfully they had all of our choices still available except one.  But they were selling quickly.

After checking out we headed out. The line had already tripled in size and more people were placing chairs outside for Wednesday .

Our drive home was about 25 minutes.  The pies stayed cold the whole way home.  We cut into the chocolate pie as soon as we arrived home.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate but we brought it for the kiddos.

The chocolate pie was amazing.  Not overly sweet.  The crust was perfect.  I loved the more subtle non-sweet flavor of the whipped cream which allowed the chocolate custard of the pie to be the star.  So good!

We ate the strawberry pie on Wednesday. The strawberry pie had a beautiful whipped cream swirl top.  The Strawberry pie was superb. Made with fresh strawberries in a fruit sauce. The crust was buttery. Delicious!!


This pie was the best Strawberry Pie that I have ever had.

We had the Peach Pie on Thanksgiving Day.  We heated the pie for a few minutes in the oven.  I wondered how well the pie would hold up, but the pie was perfect.  The peach pie was huge!  Made with real peaches.  With a well balance peach sauce and crust.

Our peach pie was topped with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.  Amazing!  A sweet ending to a good Thanksgiving.

Overall, the Flying Saucer Pie Co definitely lived up to the hype.  Was it worth the wait standing in line for pies?  Hmmm Yes!  These pies were incredible.

The Flying Saucer is a family owned business that has been around for over 50 years. Located at 436 W. Crosstimbers Rd., Houston, Texas  77018.  The Hours of Operation are Tuesday – Saturday from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.