Sushi Roxx is a place we love to eat. One of the reasons is that the environment is quiet and relaxing for us. Just recently my husband & I met there for lunch one day. We were able to order our lunch and enjoy some time together. The sushi bar is our favorite place to sit in the restaurant.

There are many sushi restaurants here in Lafayette, but very few of them have such a nice atmosphere. We have tried several of them, but there is just something about Sushi Roxx that we love. Sushi Roxx is located in a bit of an odd place but the Broussard area is growing rapidly. 

We tend to try the same thing all the time because it is so good. As a starter, we ordered the Roxx’n Shrimp. The Shrimp is fried then tossed in a special sauce. This shrimp appetizer is amazing. The shrimp is fried perfectly with a little crisp on it. The sauce is delicious. The shrimp is served on a small bed of lettuce. A must try if you dine at Sushi Roxx. 

As you can see we enjoy sitting at the Sushi Bar. We enjoy watching the Shokunin (Sushi Chef) prepare our sushi rolls. We always say if we watch enough we will be able to make our own sushi at home. We have yet to attempt making a sushi roll. Kmsl, why do it when you can get the best service at a restaurant like this one! 

Sushi Roxx has several roll choices. There are many to choose from both raw & cooked. We decided on the Yo Momma Roll & Crunchy Craw Daddy.

The Sushi Chefs do an awesome job with preparing the rolls and making the rolls quickly and efficiently. The presentation is always phenomenal.

The Crispy Craw Daddy (pictured below) is a sushi roll with sauteed crawfish, snowcrab, cream cheese, jalapeno & panko fried with wasabi. This is one of my favorite rolls. The pepper will catch you off guard, but so so good!!

Yo Momma rolls consisted of fried snapper, cream cheese, snowcrab, jalapeno, cucumbers, topped with sliced avocado & crabsticks, spicy mayo & tempura flakes. Omg.. Amazing. The rolls is spicy but delicious. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the roll. Pictured below.  

Sushi Roxx has over 30 sushi rolls to choose from. In addition, there are several appetizers. Egg rolls, Spring rolls, Beef Tataki, Edamame just to name a few. There is also a few Soups & Salads on the menu. 
For those who may prefer a full meal, the Entrees are served with soup. There are a variety of Fried rice options to choose from as well and a kids menu. So with all that being said, there is guaranteed to be something on the menu to accommodate everyone in the family. 

I love the decor of the restaurant. The decor is very contemporary. In addition, very clean and neat. The  restaurant is very laid back, but definitely a great place for a date night, a family outing or a place to grab lunch. 
Overall, we were satisfied with our visit at Sushi Roxx. Our only complaint is that the service was a little slow for the appetizers. The sushi came out quickly. Other than that, everything was awesome. Sushi Roxx is definitely on my list of Tastee Places… Yum.
Sushi Roxx is located at 4016 Highway 90, Broussard, LA, 330-2147. Like them on Facebook.