This Friday my husband, myself and baby girl were looking for a place to have a quick lunch together. We decided to search near the Oil Center. The Oil Center has grown a lot in the past few years. New shops, new restaurants, new Doctors offices, etc. 
We stumbled over Bon Temps Grill. Bon Temps Grill is known for their Cajun and Creole Cuisine with an Urban Cajun Atmosphere. The Express location is a quick serve counter style restaurant that serves many of Bon Temps popular dishes. 

Upon entrance it’s a small space with a lot of character and warmth. We were greeted by two friendly workers. They made us feel right at home. Very similar to that of a neighborhood restaurant. There is a section with the beverages, salads and sandwiches. The sandwiches can be heated as a panini sandwiches.

If you would prefer a home cooked meal there is a list of items thats available each day. The restaurant also offers Personal Appetizers. This day it was Shrimp and Grits, stuffed Mushrooms and Sausage and Boudin Samplings. We didn’t purchase any appetizers, but they sure sounded delicious. 
The Express Shop also serves Soups and Salads as an option. A few of the salad options were Kale, Spinach or Garden Salad with Shrimp, Tuna, Chicken.  

 Entrees for the day was Seafood Creole, Grilled Meatloaf, Crawfish Pot Pie, Apple and Tasso Stuffed Pork Loins and Sweet Chili Chicken and More. The entrees looked amazing. Picture perfect.

The sides were Braised Brussell Sprouts, Jalapeño Corn Grits, Fried Sage Sweet Potato Hash, Red Beans, Crawfish Soup, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo and Red Hot Potatoes. So many good options to choose from. 

Baby Girl decided on the Shrimp Pasta, Crawfish Rice and French Fries. The portion size was hefty. She said that the pasta and the Crawfish rice was delicious. The fries were just ok. I tried the pasta and it was very good. Well seasoned and the sauce was so good.  
My Husband decided on the Steak, Crawfish Rice and Corn Grits. I didn’t try any of his food, but he said that the food was Superb. The Steak looked amazing. It was very moist he said. The Steak was also served with a Herb Butter. His plate was wiped cleaned. So that’s usually a good sign. 
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For my Dining Choice, I ordered the Pork Loin with Red Hot Potatoes and Crawfish Soup. The food was absolutely delicious. The entire plate was incredible. The Pork Loin was delicious, but very spicy. I like spice but it was a little hot for me. The smothered potatoes was the best I have ever had. Wow. So good. The Crawfish soup was packed with flavor. OMG. I can’t wait till the Fall season I will definitely attempt my hand at a Crawfish soup. Amazing! 


Overall our Dining Experience at Bon Temps Grill Express was exceptional! The servers were awesome and accommodating. They made us feel right at home. I definitely would love to have a Bon Temps Grill near our home. Bon Temps Grill Express gives off the Neighborhood feel. 
We have dined at the Bon Temps Grill on Verot School Road. Our experience there was incredible. So I will say that the Express location did not disappoint at all. The new location is at 317 Heymann Blvd. They are only open for lunch from 10:30-2:30. So if you are in the Oil Center location be sure to visit the new location.