The past few days Houston has been experiencing some extreme cold weather.  I was out running errands this week and I wanted something warm to eat.

LA Crawfish was near one of my stops, so I decided to try their restaurant.  LA Crawfish is serving up dishes with a Vietnamese, Asian and Cajun twist.

I loved the large Crawfish logo on the outside.  As I entered the restaurant, I immediately noticed the Cajun style decor throughout.

As I approached the counter to read the menu and place my order.  One thing I immediately noticed that the menu is confusing and bunched up.  A very cluttered menu that’s not easy to read.  Pictures are good, but too much clutter can discourage customers from ordering more.

Now this is just my opinion. The menu board it too busy.

After I finally decided what I wanted I placed my order with the young lady working at the counter.  She seemed very unhappy almost like she didn’t want to be there.

Not a good way to be if you are the first interaction someone experiences.

I decided to start with a 6 piece order of Cajun style chicken wings.  The chicken wings were fried crispy, golden brown with the perfect crunch.  The chicken wings were delicious.  They nailed the seasoning and frying of the wings.

It was a cold day so I decided to try their Pho.  The Cajun Pho was amazing.  Being from Louisiana and all, I was worried that the seasoning wouldn’t be there in this dish. But boy was I wrong.

This dish was killer!   The broth in the pho was packed with flavor.  I loved the crawfish and andouille in the PHO.  They nailed this dish.

The Pho had a good mixture of Cajun spices that completed the dish.  Superb.

After that wonderful Pho, I wanted something sweet so I tried the beignet fries.  Oh my word!  The beignet fries were amazing!  Fried perfectly with the right amount of powdered sugar on top.  The fries were so good, I couldn’t stop eating them!  Only thing I was missing was a cup of coffee.  What a sweet finish to a incredible lunch.

My only recommendations would be some editing to the menu board.  The young lady taking orders might need some training or advised that she is the first impression and a smile is the best way to welcome a customer.

Overall, the food was spot on!  Every dish was made to order and served pipping hot.  I have to go back and try the boiled crawfish.  I’ve heard they have the best in town.  Can’t wait to try it for myself.

LA Crawfish has several locations in Texas.  I tried the location at 17375 Tomball Pkwy, Ste 2H, Houston, Texas 77064.

The Hours of Operation are 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. daily.