The idea behind Cajun Crate was born out a constant need to send loved ones Cajun fixings and staples. Any one from Louisiana but now living out side of Louisiana knows it is hard to find good cajun products in grocery stores. We were constantly bringing coffee, soda, gumbo roux, jambalaya, and hot sauce to family and friends in other states whenever we visited. We started making “cajun care packages” for families that contained all the cajun staples. It was always like watching a kid on Christmas morning open up the package and inspect all the goods.  After talking to friends, this seemed as though everyone has to do this for loved ones living out of state.

Not to mention all the local goods we were also bringing to friends from Lafayette to New Orleans or Shreveport. We started discovering that even though something was made in Louisiana you might not be able to find it in all parts of the state.

This is a problem that needed to be solved! And Cajun Crate was born! We have been going to farmers markets and local grocers ever since to find brands big and small, unique and small batch, from Caddo Parish to Jefferson parish.

Our goal is to promote local. Louisiana owned. This way the small and large brands can gain more exposure, hire people, buy more from local farmers, and create new products. We are locals that love helping locals.  Each box of Cajun Crate will help support at least 7 Louisiana owned businesses.

Cajun Crate is a monthly subscription box that delivers specially curated  boxes with Louisiana made items. Each month a box will contain cajun items. Each month a box will contain Cajun products ranging from coffee to beignet mix, jambalaya to gumbo roux, étouffée sauce to bbq sauce, and so much more!

This is not an ordinary subscription box. This is a Cajun subscription box! We do things a little different in Louisiana and we want to share that with you!  Each Parish has a different style and our subscribers can taste it all. (Source Cajun Crate)


The mission of Cajun Crate is to expose the subscribers to new tastes, discover brands, offer vendors a new market, encourage the support of local businesses, and simply share the love for Louisiana culture with people who might not be able to enjoy it in person.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted in reference to the Cajun Crate initiative. I was intrigued to check it but I wanted to review the Cajun Crate from the perspective of someone receiving the subscription box at their doorstep.

The box was nicely designed with the shrimp on the top. A nice cajun touch.


On the inside of the box was 7 product items. A salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, seasoning, hot sauce, Mexican Cornbread, coffee and a speciality mayonnaise. 

I created 6 different dishes based on the products I received in the Cajun Crate.


Above is the Hanley’s Strawberry Vinaigrette and the Fire in the Hole Seasoning.


I prepared a Strawberry Chicken salad with mixed greens, grilled chicken, fresh strawberries and red onions. The chicken was seasoned with the Fire in the Hole seasoning. A nice touch of heat! Spicy indeed.

The Hanley’s Strawberry Vinaigrette paired well with the Strawberry Chicken Salad. A very tasty vinaigrette.

The Cajun Power spaghetti sauce was also included in the box.


Below is the spaghetti sauce mixed with seasoned ground meat and spaghetti noodles. The spaghetti sauce was very spicy. I really enjoyed the sauce. Good amount of heat in the sauce. Only complaint would be if its a family of more than 4 a bigger jar would be needed; absolutely yummy with the parmesan cheese.


Below is the Cajun Mayeaux. The Sauce de la Pirogue, Cajun Mayeaux was delicious.


The spicy mayo was mixed with boiled red potatoes, fried bacon, green onions and diced red onions. I tossed the ingredients in the Mayeaux. So good!! My favorite product item of the box.


Next I tried the Jammin Jelly’s Cucumber Hot Sauce. I wasn’t sure about this one but I was up for the challenge.


I decided to prepare baked chicken wings and I tossed the wings in the hot sauce.


Above is the chicken wings in the sauce. I placed the chicken wings on a bed of mixed greens and garnished with diced cucumbers. My husband added a little ranch to balance the heat of the hot sauce. A really good hot sauce.


The Mexi-Cajun cornbread mix was included as well. I prepared the cornbread as instructed on the package. The only problem was that there was no temperature stated on the package. We baked the cornbread for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

But for those who may not cook, stating the cooking time and temperature would be good.


The Cornbread was served with my homemade chili and cheese. The chili was prepared with ground meat, red kidney beans, pinto beans, corn all simmered in tomato sauce with spices to complete the chili. The cornbread was delicious with the Chili.


The last and final product was the Acadian Coffee Roasters Chocolate Pecan Pie coffee. I brewed the coffee one afternoon for a fancy cup of coffee.


The coffee was strong, powerful and a nice blend of coffee. I topped the coffee with whip cream and caramel sauce. Yum yum.


Overall I think the Cajun Crate subscription is a wonderful idea. The box is a great way to plan your meals around the ingredients received.

The box I received was only a prototype. The cajun crate will include much more.

Not an experienced cook? Don’t worry, Cajun Crate is teaming up with chefs and experienced home cooks to provide recipes within the box.

So how can you help?  Cajun Crate has launched a kick-starter program to raise the startup funds to launch the subscription service.  Let’s help bring our local Cajun cuisine to the doorsteps of homes all around the world.  Click on the KickStarter link to show your Cajun love.  Visit Cajun Crate at or on Facebook.

Have a product you want me to review? Contact me at


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