On this past Sunday, we had a wonderful opportunity to have Brunch with a friend and her wonderful parents. Her parents were celebrating their 41st anniversary. What a wonderful thing? Marriage isn’t celebrated as much as it should be today, but I wanted to take a minute to congratulate this couple. My family and I were extremely honored to be a part of their wonderful Day. Couples being married for 41 years is almost unheard of. I wanted to start my blog by wishing this couple a wonderful Happy Anniversary. May God bless you to see many more. 

Now for what you came here to read about the food. This Sunday was our first time at The Blue Dog’s Sunday Brunch. We were extremely impressed by the atmosphere. It was a very Family Friendly environment. The Band, Sweet Cecilia was playing. Families were joining for Sunday Brunch. The Brunch is Buffet style. Many many options, to choose from. 
The Famous Blue Dog was created by the Famous George Rodriguez. As he grew up, he painted many images of Cajun Culture. George Rodriguez has studios all across the world with his paintings. In the Blue Dog Cafe alone, there are over 150 Paintings. In my opinion, Blue Dog is all about appreciating Art, Imagination and Creativity. 

When we arrive at approximately 11:20 or so the place was packed and their was a 45 minute wait. But as I said before the atmosphere was lovely. We chit chatted until our table was ready.
For the Brunch, there was an Omelet Station where you could create your Omelet. The choices for your Omelet was Crawfish, Ham, Cheese, Chives, Mushrooms, Onions, Bell Peppers. I tried a Crawfish Omelet and Brian had a Ham Omelet. He really enjoyed his Omelet, I didn’t like mine at all. The Omelet lacked taste, a little salt and pepper would have helped a lot. But I love the fact that they had that station. 
Near the Omelet station was a warmer with Baked Goods, Pastries and Assorted Muffins. I didn’t try any, but the fact that the muffins and croissants were in the warmer, I can almost guarantee the baked goods were delicious. 
The station next to the warmer was the Waffles area. The waffles were already prepared and different fruits were available for toppings as well as syrups. There was a fresh strawberry puree and bananas as well. 

The Prime Rib station was right next to the Waffle Station. I am not a fan of Prime Rib, but the visual of the Prime Rib was absolutely beautiful. My husband had some of the meat and he said it was delicious, but if there were some Au jus it would have been better. 

The main dishes were lined up. Every single dish looked amazing. Here are some of the options in that area, Oyster Dressing, Blue Dog Dressing, Smothered Cabbage with Andouille Sausage, Gouda Grits, Grillade, the list goes on and on. I will talk a little more about my plate later in this blog. But these dishes were all mouth watering dishes.
The Salad Bar was filled with Fresh Veggies, Cucumbers, Mixed Greens, Croutons,  Tuna, Shrimp Remoulade Salad. The healthy table looked delicious. My mind was fixed on all of the other food, I didn’t even go in that area. Next time, I will most definitely try the Shrimp Pasta
In addition, there was Crab and Corn Bisque and Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. I had a bowl of the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, it was very bland. The Gumbo lacked seasoning big time. 
My plate consisted of Oyster dressing which was similar to Cornbread Dressing. By far one of my favorite dishes at Blue Dog. I also had the Blue Dog Dressing which was very good as well. The Smothered Cabbage and Andouille was cooked well, but lacked salt. If they would have put a little salt it would have been perfect. The Crawfish Enchilada was superb. Seasoned well, the right amount of cheese and crawfish. So good. I also tried the Gouda Cheese grits with Grillade on top. The Grillade was pork served in a rich gravy. Good dish as well. Overall I enjoyed everything I tried. The cooks did a wonderful job preparing the dishes, but a little salt goes a long way. 
The Dessert Station was filled with so many wonderful choices. The presentation of the Desserts were definitely well thought out. From Pies, Cheesecakes, Mousse and Puddings. What wonderful options, Sweets are my weakness and the Choices seemed endless. But there was something for everyone. 

I tried the Blackberry Cobbler with Whip Cream on top. It wasn’t a light whip cream but more like an icing texture. This dessert was amazing. I could have eaten another one, but I didn’t. I tried the Banana Pudding with whip cream and vanilla wafers. I wasn’t a fan of this dessert. I only took 2 bites of it. It was just ok for me. The pudding had a weird consistency. Different than a normal Pudding.

After we were done eating, I asked everyone what their favorites were, the kids loved the Dessert station with the Chocolate Mousse topped with marshmallow and shaved chocolate. The majority enjoyed the Crawfish Enchiladas or the Grits and Grillades. 

Blue Dog by far in my opinion, has the best Brunch I have tried in Lafayette. The experience did not disappoint at all. I am already planning another Sunday to Dine at the Wonderful Blue Dog Cafe. If you have never tried their Sunday Brunch, I highly recommend it. 

Overall, we enjoyed our Dining Experience. The food was reasonably priced for what was served. Not expensive at all. A great place to bring your family after Church on Sundays.

We will definitely be back real soon for the Sunday Brunch. Blue Dog Cafe is located at 1211 West Pinhook Road.

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