Football Season is upon us. This is the final week of Preseason. How exciting is that? In our home it is a process of preparation for Football Season. We are big Football Fans. This year was a bit different for us in our preparation.
We decided to host our very first Fantasy Football Couples Style. How exciting. This event did not disappoint. The couples were super excited to get started. Fellowship, Food and Fun was on the Horizon. 

As you can see, we are big Saints fans. I had my outfit laid out bright and early in the morning. I was so ready. Go Saints.

The Couples arrived an hour early for a brief devotion/couples talk and prayer with the couples. Our topic was on Compromise. Compromise is important in marriage. If you aren’t willing to compromise your marriage won’t work. Couples won’t always agree on everything, but being able to find a happy median is crucial to the success of a good marriage. Great discussions.

After our devotional time,  the Fantasy Football Draft started immediately. I have attended a draft before, but this one by far was more intense.  You looked around the room and there were laptops, phones, iPads, Android tables. Tech Draft at its finest.

Many of the couples really took the Draft seriously. Many of them, really felt good about their teams. It will be interesting to see how the competition pans out through this football season.

INTENSITY and CONCENTRATION was the look on the face of many. 

The Draft is a lengthy process but it was fun working together to choose your winning team. For the winning couple, we have an awesome prize for the couple that wins the league.

This exercise at working together to build a great team works the same in marriage. A couple is a team that must work in unity to develop a plan for a successful marriage and family. God has given us The Game Plan that we need in life through His word if we will apply it in everything that we do.

But you know when you are having a competition, there is always that one that talks more smack talk than others, but I won’t call any names. Lol. See Below. But this makes it super fun.  Ha ha she will get me for messing with her. All in fun.

We do have a few who are not into football so they found ways to entertain one another. Let’s just say I enjoyed a few laughs with them while they were in the kitchen eating and chatting. Pretty funny. 

My husband and I love hosting parties at our home. A football party is not a party without good food. We decided that we would do a potluck party this time. Everyone prepared their favorite Football Party dishes.

I love Fresh Flowers in my kitchen, so this day was no different. We had fresh flowers at the end of the bar we place our food on. Let’s just say we had so much food we had to use the back side as well.

Below is the Chipotle Chicken Wings. These Wings were made by my husband and I. Juicy chicken wings with some heat and a kick.

My husband prepared the Fried Chicken wings. So good. My husband’s chicken wings, yum. Popeyes doesn’t have anything on him. Delicious.

 We had a Fruit and Veggie Tray. You should always have healthy options for those who may not like the chicken, meatballs, etc. That’s key when hosting a party, try to have something that accommodates everyone. You don’t want your guest to leave your home hungry.

BBQ Meatballs and BBQ Stuffed Chicken Wings. Both were so delicious. The Chicken wings were stuffed with sausage and grilled. Ranch and BBQ dipping sauces were served with this.

Chips and Dip are a staple at any football party. Everyone loves Chips and Dip. I recommend having two different options for Dip. As well as 2 different types of Dipping Chips. 

 As you can see in the picture above delicious fried food. OMG. Billy’s had their very own platter. If you have never had Billy’s Boudin you are missing out. The Pepper jack Boudin Balls and Pepper jack Rolls. Two of my favorite things from Billy’s. Deliciousness.

Pictured above is a Bean Dip and Chicken Quesadillas . These two dishes can be eaten together or apart. The Bean dip is perfect with Tortilla Chips as well. The Chicken Quesadillas are great with salsa or by itself.

 As you can see above we had a few little people in attendance. They came downstairs to eat and headed back upstairs for some fun times.

As a host you want to make sure that you cater to the needs of everyone both young and old. The types of drinks you serve, the food menu, the layout of the entertainment areas. All of things matter when hosting at your home. But good planning makes it very easy.

 A party isn’t a party if it doesn’t include laughs. Our goal at our home is to invite others in to enjoy an evening of food and fun filled with laughs. Laughter is a medicine. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22 NIV). 

A football party isn’t complete without Dessert. For Dessert we had a cookie platter and a homemade cake with pineapples, banana, coconut and whip cream. Superb. The Desserts were on point and extremely delicious. 
With cookies, they usually come in plastic packaging. As a host I suggest you purchase platters. Regular ones or themed platters. We have football platters, which is perfect for our football events.

What an amazing day of Food, Fun, Fellowship and Football! #THEGAMEPLAN