French Press has been opened for about two years now. It is located downtown near the fire station & Don’s Seafood Hut. As long as it has been there I never knew about the place. One day I was talking to a good friend of mine about taking my husband out for his birthday for a nice elegant dinner. So she mentioned to me how amazing French Press’s Fine Dining was when she & her husband went for dinner.  Though we never made it there for the Fine Dining Dinner due to our hectic schedules of events, I was able to go one day for lunch.

I arrived at French Press about 10:45 am on a Thursday. When I arrived there were quite a few people in the building. But I am glad I came in when I did because within a matter of 20 mins or so there was a wait. There is a constant flow of people coming in each day.
Looking around it’s a very simple building with an old feel. I was thinking to myself hmmm, wonder how the food will taste, but as the old saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover..

I was greeted by a very kind young lady. She handed me the menu and told me if you have any questions please let me know. As I looked over the menu, there were so many amazing choices to choose from. Anything from Breakfast-Lunch items like chicken & waffles, french toast, pancakes, burgers, poboys. The list goes on and on. Variety menu that accommodates everyones taste buds. It took me a few minutes to decide what I wanted to eat.

I started out with my normal drink of choice with my breakfast which is orange juice. There was nothing extraordinary about their orange juice. I don’t think it was fresh squeezed.

I love speciality coffees but they didn’t have any. She told me about the mello joy. So I decided to try it. I must admit that it was not good at all. I didn’t care for it all. I wouldn’t get it again. But it was ok. I did see that they serve tea. You can choose from different types of tea with the choice of honey, lemon, and/or creme.

Well, I decide on chicken & waffles which is cane jelly fried chicken thighs with 2 cheddar waffles with steen syrup on the side, chipotle cheddar grits & praline bacon. Omg..Some of the best food I have ever had.

The chicken & waffles was yummy. It was different from the traditional chicken and waffles. Normally its fried chicken breast or strips, but this was a chicken thigh with the bone. Which really surprised me, but it was absolutely scrumptious. The cheddar waffles were very good. So all together it was 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. I highly recommended this dish!!

The Praline bacon was heaven in the food world. Wow. I have seen people combine bacon with sweet on food network. I was always hesitant about it, but hesitation no more. Amazing flavors.. It may not look very appetizing but looks can be deceiving..

My husband loves grits, so I said let me try it and see if I should persuade him to try it next time we go, The Chipotle Cheddar Grits looked amazing by sight, but it needed some help. There was way too much chipotle which made it too pepper. Which I love spice but not like that. Everything you taste in a dish should not be spice alone. The chipotle overpowered the cheddar. I would have loved to taste a well-balanced bowl of grits. Maybe a little more heavy whipping cream or butter would have helped the dish.

Overall my experience there was lovely. Everything that came to my table was served with perfection. The waitresses are very polite. Wonderful meal, we will definitely be going back again for brunch on a Saturday or Sunday.

French Press is owned by a husband & wife team. The husband was trained in New Orleans, but he is from Lafayette.  French Press serves breakfast & lunch from 7:00am-2:00pm Tuesdays-Fridays and 9:00 am-2:00pm on Saturdays & Sundays. French Press also has fine dining on weekends Friday & Saturday Nights from 5:30 pm-9:00 pm. This amazing restaurant is Located at 214 E. Vermillion Street.