Last week was the Arise Conference at Our Savior’s Church. One of the things that I enjoyed most about the conference was trying some amazing food from the different food trucks/booths that are locally owned businesses. 
We are avid watchers of the TV Show, The Great Food Truck Race and we absolutely love the show. Food Trucks are catching on here in Lafayette. There are several trucks around the city. I am highlighting a few of the trucks that were selling for the conference. 
Foley’s Premium Italian Ice is owned by the cutest couple I have ever met. Italian Ice is their speciality. Foley’s does private parties, fairs & festivals. Foley’s also sell handmade gourmet popsicles/freezer. The amazing part is they use natural, fresh ingredients which I love. So if you are having a party or special event. Please patronage their company.. 
The italian ice is served in a cute little baseball hat. You can choose from your favorite MLB team. Such a cute treat. I have had my share of Italian Ice & Foley’s Italian Ice was very good. 
My Italian Ice of choice was Lemon & Watermelon. Lemon Italian Ice can be very sour but it was refreshing. After dancing at the after party, the Italian Ice was certainly the best choice in my eyes to cool off. The cup was  super cute, it’s also a keepsake that you can reuse over & over again.
Contact information for Foley’s Premium Italian Ice is 1(337) 988-5546, 1(337)706-2579 or [email protected]
Bon Repas Wrap Truck is usually located on the UL campus. This truck specializes in assorted wraps. The menu is different everyday. The owner of this truck was the one who organized the food trucks & booths for the event. He was very informative and shared a lot of information with me about food trucks.
The menu items for the Arise Conference are listed below. I decided to try the two lonely pigs. The two lonely pigs was so so good! 
The ingredients in the wrap were black beans, spicy mayo, chicken, roasted pork, roasted bell peppers, lettuce, tomatoes & bacon.
 Considering some of the ingredients, I wasn’t sure what it would taste like, but I was pleasantly surprised. Well balanced flavors. Not sloppy or anything, the perfect amount of each ingredient. I am looking forward to trying Bon Repas Grilled Cheese. 
Bon Repas is usually between Papa Johns & Taco Bell. Follow them on Facebook for their exact location each day. They are available for office visits and private parties.
Oh My Taco!
This was my favorite place to eat during the conference! I absolutely loved this couple. Their spirits were so sweet. Very kind & you can tell that they genuinely enjoy serving others. This is a taco truck. Their menu ranged from Chicken, Fish or Pork Tacos. I tried two of the three tacos that they had to offer.

The first night of the conference, I went all day without eating anything. When I finally settled down it was at 6:00 pm & I realized, Omg I haven’t eaten lunch. So I decided to go grab a quick snack. I tried the fish taco. While they were preparing my taco I had a change to chat with the wife. She told me that they are originally from Lafayette but moved to Austin, TX for a few years but they moved back here recently. Oh my Taco is in the process of opening to the public. This was their first event with their food truck.

As you can see, I was looking to grab a bite quickly and get back in the sanctuary to prepare my mind for the service. When I took a bite of the taco, I said oh my, I must blog about this taco. The taco was amazing. The taco had catfish, purple cabbage, cilantro, chipotle sauce & queso blanco which is a white cheese. Wow. Party in my mouth!

The ingredients were very fresh, the fish was fried perfectly. The taco was nice & hot. So hot, I burned the roof of my mouth. But I had no complaints. My mouth is salivating while I am typing this because it was so delicious.

If you see this truck, make sure that you stop. If you pass it up, turn around and go back. It’s a simple white trailer truck with amazing food. The food is served with lots of love. Oh My Taco, also serves chip and salsa. The salsa is freshly made everyday. The salsa was pretty good. The only thing that was missing was a little salt, but other than that. Great side dish to go with your taco..

The last night, I tried the chicken taco.  The chicken taco had chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo & Queso blanco. This taco was very similar to the fish taco but it was also delicious. I could live on the fish & chicken tacos. As I stated earlier about the fish taco, this one was freshly made, made to order.

The Tacos are nice and light, not heavy at all. The Oh My Taco Truck was a hit. Everyone was ranting & raving about the deliciousness of their food. When they open I guaranteee the business will be good. The chef went to culinary school, so I have no doubt that he knows how to merry the flavors of each ingredient to prepare amazing food! Watch out!

I will also mention The Viva La Waffle Truck. I tried the food from the waffle truck months ago before I started my blog. My choice was Chicken & waffles. It was a spicy chicken strips with honey on top. Pretty good. I have heard that Viva La Waffle has changed their menu choices. So I guess its time that I go back again.

If you’ve had any of these trucks, let me know what your take was on their food and your experience. Each of these business are on Facebook, be sure to like their pages..