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Last  Monday, I had the great opportunity of attending a Morton Salt Next Door Chef event along with a number of other guests. For more information on the Morton Salt Next Door Chef visit  I will be sharing more information on Morton’s Salt Next Door Chef, the salt and the cuisine in the future.

This was Morton Salt’s third Next Door Chef event and I was ecstatic when I heard that they were hosting one in New Orleans. At the event, a New Orleans resident was paired with an acclaimed local Chef, Nina Compton.


Nina Compton was runner up on Season 11 of Top Chef as well as a fan favorite on the show. Nina is originally from St. Lucia. She owns a restaurant in the New Orleans area called Compere Lapin.

The New Orleans resident was paired with Nina Compton to learn how to prepare a scrumptious meal using the different types of salt by Morton Salt.

Enough about the backstory lets dive right into the event.

My mom & I arrived at the home of the New Orleans resident. The home was transformed into a pop-up restaurant that was completely decorated.


The porch area was setup with a check-in hostess stand. A very nice setup. As we walked up the smell of a smoking grill captivated our noses. A green egg was in operation on the porch with corn on the cob that had a special butter rub. Yum. The corn was phenomenal.


We were taken through this small passage way. The visual was incredible, I had to take a picture. A beautiful path to get to where we were going.


As we approached the porch, there was the Morton Salt icon on this painted wall. Absolutely stunning!! Such a nice touch.


My mom and I were led to a covered patio area. The weather wasn’t pretty that day, but the patio area made you forget about the weather. The patio had a beautiful bar area. I am not a drinker, but the bartender had a mocktail specifically for us.


The mocktail was a 3 milk mixture with caramel sauce and topped with Morton salt. Very good mocktail. The balance between the sweet and salty was superb.


There was a cocktail prepared for everyone else called the Americano Cocktail. A compari, sweet vermouth, cold-brew coffee with a dash of Morton’s fine sea salt. The other guests really enjoyed the cocktail.

We gathered on the patio for a few minutes and then we were invited into the completely transformed area where dinner would be served. Since I am a food influencer, I was seated with other influencers at the table.


The decor of the dining area was stunning. The table setup was gorgeous. I absolutely loved the utensils that were chosen for the dinner that evening. Morton’s different salt options were placed on the tables as an accent piece.


The menu was placed on the table with each course printed on the menu. I will only share two items from the menu in this post, but in the near future you will be able to see everything that happened at the dinner.


One of the appetizers we were served was Jerk Broiled Oysters. The oysters were beautifully presented in a bowl.

The oysters were topped with Morton Coarse Sea Salt, thyme breadcrumbs and jerk butter. Superb!

I love that the oysters were served in a blue bowl, which was one of the accent colors throughout the entire decor.


In addition, we were also served a Blue Crab Little Gem Nicoise Salad. This was a gorgeous salad that was tossed with homemade lemon dijon vinaigrette using Morton Fine Sea Salt. The salad was gorgeous, colorful with the right amount of seasoning and crunch. The flavors married well together. So good.


After trying these dishes and drinks, I realized that table salt is not the way to go when cooking and preparing dishes. Morton Kosher Salt, Coarse and Fine Sea Salt each bring a different touch to your dishes. Morton salts add a specific pop to your dishes.


Like what you have heard so far about this event? You have to do two things: One, be looking out for the next blog with all the details from the Next Door Chef event. Two, if you would like to learn more about Next Door Chef, go to

I will be sharing more about this event when the video and recipes get published on the Next Door Chef website. But I encourage you to go to the website to see what was done in Chicago and also to learn more about how you can improve your cooking techniques using Morton Kosher Salt, Coarse Sea Salt or Fine Sea Salt for the holidays.



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