In my previous blog, I talked about my daughter & I’s experience at the Kidz Bop Kids, Best Time Ever Tour.  For the concert, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency.  The Hyatt is one of our favorite hotels in New Orleans. The location is perfect for Saints Games, any events in Champion Square or any places in the downtown area. There are so many places that are in walking location.

We arrived at the Hyatt Regency around 2:30 p.m. that Friday afternoon. As we were arriving, we noticed that there were lots of people coming in. We were directed by the Valet as to where to park. My husband hopped out and went get us checked in. The kids and I started gathering our bags and preparing for our bags to be removed from the car.

As we headed in, the lobby was packed. We headed up the escalator to head to our room. While we were heading upstairs we noticed a celebrity heading to his room as well. I won’t reveal who he was, but he was doing a concert in the area that night.

We arrived in our room and immediately headed to the window to check out our view. Views at hotels are very important to us.

The view was amazing.

We could see Champion Square, the Kidz Bop Kids concert set up, Benson Tower & the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. How cool is that? The kids were in love!

At one point baby girl just sat on the ledge by the window and stared outside.  A wonderful view.

The hotel room was beautiful and very comfortable. All clean throughout, I loved the chair and lamp near the window. I rested a little in that chair.

In addition, there was a large TV, free WiFi, Pillow top beds and so much more. The comfort level was top notch. One of the cool things about the Hyatt, is that you can order room service via the Television with visual pictures to see what the food will look like. As well as detailed descriptions.

We had a few hours to spare, so we decided to rest up. The kiddos were hungry, so we ordered pizza from Pizza Consegna. The pizza arrived in a timely manner.

Our pizza of choice was the smoked pork sausage pizza. The pizza was huge. The ingredients were flavorful. The pizza was made with an in-house cured and smoked pork sausage, organic mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Absolutely delicious.

We headed to the concert, took the elevator and then down the escalator we went. Taking in the sights.

The walk to Champion Square was short and sweet. Very easy to find, easy access.

As we arrived there was a short line to show your tickets and have your bags searched.

We entered and were ready for a fun night. For more details on our experience at the Best Time Ever Tour, please visit my previous blog.   Kids Bop Best Time Ever Tour.

After the concert baby girl & I were parched and hungry. We knew that the hubby & baby boy had already eaten.  We decided to dine at one of the restaurants in the Hyatt. They have really good restaurants. Last time we stay at the Hyatt at before we ate lunch there.

We arrived at the restaurant and requested a booth with a TV.  The hostess seated us immediately. The table she was taking us to was dirty but she quickly cleaned off the table and seated us.

While waiting for our waitress to come, we attempted to switch the channel of the TV, but the remote wasn’t working.

The menu was already on the table so we started perusing the menu. After about 10 minutes of waiting the waitress eventually made it to the table. She seemed very rushed. I ordered a fruity mocktail and a lemonade for baby girl.

My mocktail arrived and it was very weak and not good at all. Because I make mocktails at home, I knew what to add to fix the issue. I had her add some Grenadine to the drink. So much better!

Vitascope Hall is a state of the art restaurant with television screens throughout. Offering  the freshest Louisiana seafood, an exceptional raw bar and stunning sushi creations.

We started with Crab Shumai, which is 5 steamed crabmeat dumplings with gyoza sauce. The dumplings were perfectly steamed with a delicious dipping sauce. It was our first time having the Crabmeat dumplings. We have tried chicken and/or beef but never the seafood. Superb!

Baby girl wanted to try the Seafood gumbo. The award winning seafood gumbo included shrimp, crawfish, sausage and red rice. The gumbo was flavorful and very tasty. The roux was a little on the thick side but it was delicious. Served with a homemade roll. Really good.

We also ordered a half dozen of the Parmesan Butter Charbroiled Oysters.  The oysters are topped with butter, Parmesan cheese and served with bread.  Fresh and absolutely delicious.

I ordered the NOLA Fish and Chips. Lightly battered and fried fish served with tartar sauce and wedge fries. Superb!

When they say that the seafood is the freshest seafood, they aren’t lying. So fresh.  The fish was fried perfectly! The fries were well seasoned. A really good dish!

We didn’t know this while we were staying at the Hyatt,  but if you show your receipt from any events at Champion Square, you can receive 15% off your bill.  This was not visible anywhere in the hotel or restaurant.  But definitely good to know.

Overall our dining experience was good. The service was mediocre and needed help. The waitress would disappear and be gone for a long time. When she did return she focused on the larger table she was serving. I mentioned it to her and she apologized.

The food was on point.  Everything was well prepared and served pipping hot.  So I have no complaints about the food at all.

We returned to our room after a wonderful evening. Everyone slept like a baby.  We were well rested and ready for the day ahead.

Check out was smooth and easy!  Our car was waiting for us downstairs.  Easy to load up and go!

The Hyatt is a great place to stay and dine!  We always enjoy our time there!  If you are attending a New Orleans Saints Game, an event at Champion Square or need to stay in the Downtown area, I highly recommend this hotel!

Comfort, Style, Glamour, Security all in one!  A beautiful hotel with great hotel service and comfort, The Hyatt Regency is the place to be!

The Hyatt is located at 601 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 70113.  You can visit the hotel website using this link

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