This past Tuesday, my husband and I had a meeting to attend. After our meeting, it was still early so we decided to go to dinner since lil mama was with her Nana. Carino’s serves one of my all time favorite dishes “Skilletini”. The skilletini comes with either chicken, sausage or shrimp or the combo.

Italian restaurants always bring out a loaf of bread with olive oil & herb mixture. Which is always delicious when hot. Great way to start your Italian Feast.

We started with an appetizer of fried calamari with spicy marinara. Carino’s calamari is not the best that I have ever had but it is good. There italian nachos are much better great for an appetizer or entree. I highly recommend the italian nachos. One of the best things at Carino’s
My husband decided on the Tuscan Ribeye steak with angel hair pasta in Alfredo sauce and roasted potatoes. His food looked amazing. I did taste the ribeye and it was perfectly cooked. Moist, tender and well seasoned to perfection. A great cut of meat topped with a little gravy. Some steaks that you order at certain restaurants are usually dry but not this one. When my husband said that he was ordering a steak, I started laughing because I was thinking to myself a steak at an italian restaurant, really. To my surprise, it was scrumptious!

With your entree, there is an option for a soup or salad. His choice was the potato soup. The soup was delicious. Great texture, the right amount of chunkiness and topped with cheese and bacon. Omg, such goodness.

The Skilletini is made with spaghetti noodles, spicy marinara sauce, parmesan, marinated onions & green bell peppers served in a sizzling hot skillet. Absolutely delicious. I prefer the dish with angel hair pasta instead of the spaghetti noodles. 
The portion size was plentiful. I had enough to take home a doggie bag. Lil mama loved this dish! 
My entree also came with a choice of side salad, caesar salad or soup. I opted for the caesar salad. The salad was very fresh. Carino’s have great salads!

 A lady can’t end a meal without a little dessert or coffee. To my surprise, that day was the first day of selling Gelato as a dessert. Perfect, I was in dessert heaven. For those who don’t know what Gelato is, it’s an italian word for ice cream, sweet treat. Gelato is taste like a mixture of ice cream and yogurt to me. According to Carpe Diem, the Gelato place downtown its made with less butterfat than regular ice cream. Party in your mouth omg.. I had the Cherry Chocolate Gelato. My new favorite flavor, delicious!

As you can see, I tore it up! As tempted as I was, I ordered the smaller size.

Overall we had an amazing time and the food was tasty. I realized that every time I go I order the same dish, so next visit I will try something else. If you have been to Carino’s, what’s your favorite dish? Carino’s Country Italian is located at 4321 Ambassador Caffery Parkway.