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Morton Salt is a very popular brand of salt that is used around the world. As we all know food without salt may not be appealing or tasty.  What’s great about Morton Salt is that they have many styles of salt for your different cooking needs.

A few of the popular products that Morton Salt offers is the Morton Kosher Salt, Coarse Sea Salt and Fine Sea Salt. The Morton Kosher Salt is a very versatile salt with a texture that is easier to grasp and control.

The Morton Coarse Sea Salt adds a pop to any dish, offering not only visual appeal but a nice texture.

The Morton Fine Sea Salt is a salt made for blending in many different types of coffee. A quickly dissolving salt, great for sauces, soups and dressings.

To share these tips on salt use, Morton Salt created Next Door Chef, a program that pairs an everyday novice cook with a local Chef to learn how using the right kind of salt can elevate a dish into restaurant quality.  Here in New Orleans, I got to see local Chef Nina Compton work with New Orleans resident and New Orleans transport, Siobhan.  Nina Compton, a French inspired cook, is the owner of Compere Lapin Restaurant and runner-up on Bravo’s Season 11 Top Chef.

Siohban is originally from New Jersey with a diverse background of Chinese, Spanish, Irish and German heritage. Her grandmother would often bring the family together through her cooking. This has inspired Siobhan’s love for new & exotic foods.

Morton Salt transformed Siobhan’s apartment into a pop-up restaurant. Nina Compton taught her how to prepare a delicious New Orleans Style meal.

Morton Salt reached out to me about attending this event as one of the Influencers/Bloggers. My mom & I traveled to the pop-up dinner in New Orleans.

It was a rainy day, but that wasn’t going to stop us from attending.  We arrived a little early and loved the view and what we saw from the outside.

As we approached the building, the red doors immediately caught our eyes.  The sign “ROUX” was visible and added a nice touch.

The aroma was amazing coming from the grill on the porch.

Chef Nina was near the grill when we arrived. The Chili Butter was rubbed on the corn and ready for the grill.

We checked in and were taken to the back. The side walk way had a beautiful blue fence with lighting and gorgeous ferns.

The Morton Salt logo was hand-painted on the blue fence. Absolutely stunning.

We were taken to a patio area where there was an elevated patio with a bar. The area also had really nice furniture.

The mixologist was ready to serve us with a smile.  The American Cocktail was the signature cocktail for the evening.

The cocktail included the Morton Fine Sea Salt which is used in bitter cocktails.  Helping to bring out the quality of the cocktail without being bitter.  For this cocktail specifically, the salt toned down the bitterness of the comparai and the coffee.  A smooth and refreshing cocktail.

The cocktail was visually appealing. I didn’t have that particular cocktail but I asked a few of the attendees what they thought about the cocktail.

My mom & I had a mocktail. The mocktail was a Tres Leches inspired mocktail with the Morton Fine Sea Salt and Salted Caramel.

A perfect mocktail with a good balance of flavors.

We mingled a bit and met some of the other influencers.  The patio area was really nice! A nice place to hang out while we waited for the dinner to begin.

The producers discussed with us how everything would work and what to expect.  We were directed inside and seated at our appropriate tables.

Our drinks were refreshed while the appetizers were being prepared. The Jerk Broiled Oysters was the first item, beautifully presented in a gorgeous blue bowl and elevated with Morton Fine Sea Salt at the bottom. The sea salt helped to stabilize the hot oysters as well as helping to retain the heat.

The Oysters had a thyme breadcrumb that garnished the oyster. The spices on top were absolutely delicious. Each ingredient accompanied each other well. So good. Visually beautiful.

The Blue Crab Little Gem Nicoise Salad was the next dish. The little gem lettuce was topped with the blue crab mixture that was tossed in a Nicoise dressing. The salad was delicious. The capers and anchovies had a nice touch. The salad was colorful, bright and vibrant. A nice balance of flavors.

The Main course was a Honey Soy Grilled Skirt Steak, Salt-Roasted Potatoes with Chili Vinaigrette and Grilled Corn with Chili Butter & Lime Salt.

The Honey Soy Grilled Skirt Steak was absolutely gorgeous. The Morton Kosher Salt was visually appealing on the steak. A nice texture. The flavor of the steak was on point!  Wow!!! Perfectly grilled and tender!

Next was the Salt-Roasted Potatoes with Chili Vinaigrette. They were prepared on bed of Morton Kosher Salt which allows potatoes to be seasoned inside and out. Enhancing the flavors of the potatoes. The Chili Vinaigrette included the Morton Fine Sea Salt, dissolving quickly and elevating the flavors and balances out the acidity.  So good.

The Grilled Corn with Chili Butter & Lime Salt added a nice texture and flavor to the grilled corn. The salt offers a nice balance to the lime. Superb!

The dinner was finished with the Coconut Caramel Budino dessert. The dessert included the Morton Fine Sea Salt that was blended into the cream and coconut mixture used in budino. The flaky, flat salt texture enhanced the sweet flavor in the caramel sauce. The salt was added at the end to finish the dessert. Adding an enhanced level of flavor with the Morton Coarse Sea Salt. Wow!! Mouthwatering and delicious.

A sweet surprise was that Siohban’s grandmother showed up to try her granddaughter’s amazing meal. Nina Compton coached Siohban and prepared a incredibly delicious meal using the right kind of salt with the appropriate dishes.

The transformation of the home into a Pop-up restaurant was remarkable!  Fully decorated with beautiful table decor that both enhanced and added to the success of the dinner.

Be sure to check out the Next Door Chef video with Chef Nina Compton & Siohban.

Being a home cook I learned even more about the different types of salt and what works best with what cooking situations.  A very informative dining experience.  The dishes were inspiring and beautifully presented.

Before leaving we had the opportunity to visit with Chef Nina Compton & Siohban.

Overall the event was an incredible and a phenomenal experience.

Before leaving we were given these really cool Swag bags.

Visit the Next Door Chef website to view the video and the Morton Salt website for additional information on how to use the different salts mentioned.

This post is sponsored by Morton Salt. All opinions stated are my own.


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