Mandez’s Seafood Bar & Grill is new to the Lafayette food scene. A restaurant offering Seafood, Burgers, Salads, Panini’s and House favorites. The name Mandez is quite creative, Mandez combines the last names of each of the owners. Jeff Hernandez and Ryan Manfre. The first three letters of Ryan’s last name and the last three letters of Jeff Hernandez’s last name. Very creative. I love it.

As we walked up to the restaurant, we noticed that there was a nice covered outdoor space.

The inside of the restaurant was not that big but there was a good amount of seating. As well as a bar area for those wanting to have a drink.

We were seated as soon as we arrived and immediately started looking through the menu. The waitress gave us a few suggestions for appetizers and entrees.

Our appetizer choice was the Pulled Pork Nachos. Chips that were piled high and topped with Pulled Pork, Slaw, a spicy cheese sauce and a pecan garlic BBQ sauce. The nachos were tasty. The BBQ Sauce was different, a little on the sweet side. But the flavors of each ingredient balanced out nicely.

My hubby ordered the Flat Iron Steak for his entree. The steak was seasoned, grilled and paired with Chimichurri sauce. Served with two sides, the grilled veggies and fried onion strings.

The steak was seasoned well and the chimichurri was a nice addition to the dish. The sides were both delicious.

I decided on the Rajun Cajun Burger. A housemade patty dressed with crumbled bacon, grilled onions, grilled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, mandez sauce, fried onion strings and roma tomatoes served on a jalapeno bun.

One of the best burgers that I have eaten in a long time. I loved the spicy level.  The burger was cooked perfectly, not dry or overcooked. The bun was superb. The bun is made locally. A really good burger!

Overall, the food at Mandez’s was well prepared and had good flavor. The menu offered a variety of options to choose from. Not just Burgers and Seafood, but Panini’s and Salads for the more health conscience.

The staff was friendly and well informed. The food was served in a reasonable amount of time.  Each dish was hot when delivered to the table.

Mandez’s is located at 110 Doucet Rd, Lafayette, LA 70503. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. & Friday and Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.