Our family has a tradition that we do every year. The last day of school we travel to the Beach. Each year we try to go somewhere different. This year we decided to travel to Galveston, Texas.

This year we left the day before school ended. Our journey to Galveston, TX began with our normal routine, selfies, snack stops and gas up the vehicle.

The kiddos had their iPads, games, books, etc. We were ready to start our journey.

I love reading and watching movies on our trips.  My book of choice was I AM Number 8, by John Gray.  So good, I highly recommend it if you haven’t already.

Anyways, we arrived in the Baytown/Galveston area at about 9 pm. It was quite a long drive after having a long day. The kiddos were happy to be in the hotel. We settled in and crashed for the night.

When we first awoke the weather was a bit cloudy. The hubby went out and picked up some Starbucks Coffee and breakfast. A great start to what would be a wonderful day!

The kiddos were stocked about going to the beach. They were dressed quickly and ready to roll.

We headed to Albertson’s to pick up some snacks and drinks for the beach. Albertson’s was near the beach!

The traffic was very light that morning. A parking spot wasn’t hard to come by.  We paid for parking, gathering our things and walked to the beach.

The weather was just right. A cool breeze and a little sun.

We paid for our umbrella and chairs and got everything setup. The kiddos couldn’t wait to start playing.

Our kiddos enjoy building things in the sand together.

Z-man is not big on going into the water at the beach but he will play all day in the sand.

Baby girl loves both. She will play for hours at the beach in the water and building in the sand.

The beach wasn’t overcrowded that day. There was a good crowd but without everyone being on top of each other.

The kids played for a few hours and then they were ready for lunch. We setup up picnic blankets and enjoyed a quick lunch. Of course nothing gourmet, but lunchables. The lunchables work well at the beach for kids. Quick and easy.

After lunch we noticed that the seagulls were flying very close overhead. The kids started throwing Cheetos. They would come and attack the food. So cute.

I managed to hold one in my hand and catch a really cool shot of the seagulls eating the Cheetos. Awesome! I love it.

While the kids play a little more, I took some time just to reflect and be still.  The beach is always a good time for me to think, be still and jot down ideas.

We live a busy life at times and having a day to rest and enjoy was really nice. Just the sound of the water rushing in and the waves crashing was refreshing and quite relaxing.

Our family had a blast at the Galveston Beach. The beach was clean and secure. The perfect day. We had a really good time. About 3:30 the kids started getting a little tired and hungry again.

We decided to head to our hotel. For the duration of our trip, we would be staying at Moody Gardens Hotel & Resort. After packing up our car and cleaning off, we traveled there.

The resort wasn’t far from the Beach.

As we drove up to the hotel, we saw beautiful palm trees that were blowing and waving side to side.

The hubby headed in and checked us in and I waited with the kiddos in the car and started gathering our things to make the transition from car to hotel room smooth and easy.

Z-man had passed out in the backseat. The beach wore him out. But the minute the doors began to open, he woke up. He was ready to go!

We walked into the Moody Garden hotel. The atrium was simple but nice. I felt relaxed as soon as I walked in with the water in the middle.

The ceiling of the hotel reminded me of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The feel of being outside under a clear sky. So relaxing. We hopped on the elevator and headed to our room.

Our room was clean and welcoming. The kids went straight to the window to check out the view.  As I have stated in the past, the view for us is very important. A really nice view. We could see the waterpark, Schlitterbaun from the window.

The room size was decent and allowed room for the kids to play. The sitting area in the room near the window was nice. I loved that.

I wish I could take the furniture and setup home with me. Relaxing spot.

During check in the kids were each given a Moody Gardens backpack with toys, sunglasses, notepads and bracelets for us. The bracelets are given to parents with kids in order to go in the pool area. Really cool. The kids loved the bags.

After unloading bags,  we started our bath routines. The kids were hungry again so we knew that we had about an hour to spare.

We decided on where we would go for dinner. Our choice for Dinner was Fish Tales on Galveston Island.

Stay tune for more on our visit to Fish Tales as well as more about the Moody Gardens Hotel and Resort.

Galveston Island has so much to do and see. Including Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, places to shop, local Attractions and so much more. Visit www.Galveston.com for more information.

Be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you!