Now we continue with Day 3 at Sea.  After two days of Culinary Excursions, Travel and Media events, we had a day of fun at Sea.  Oh how I was so ready for this day.

My friend Patrica and I slept a little late that morning and had breakfast at the International Cafe before starting our day.  The Cafe had many options to chose from for breakfast.

I had a Caramel Latte with an Apricot filled donut.  Ok let’s talk about this donut for a minute.  The donut was amazing.  The apricot jelly was light, not too thick, the donut had the right amount of filling.  Oh my word.

My friend ordered a Multigrain Muffin with a Mocha Cappuccino.  A great choice for breakfast.

After breakfast we had the opportunity to go through a Bridge Tour.  The Bridge Tour  is a behind the scenes tour of the Captain area, where the boat is navigated and so much more.

We arrived with a few minutes to spare before being taken to the area.

The views were incredible.

Breath taking views from every angle.   Just gorgeous.

Though it was an overcast day the water was beautiful.

The Crew must be alert at all times.

Watching the instruments, the water, animal activity etc.

Ensuring that every passenger remains safe.

One of the crew members explained to us what the instruments were used for.  A very informative tour indeed.

What a great experience and opportunity to tour the Bridge.  This gave me a greater appreciation for those navigating the Cruise Ships.

We really enjoyed the behind the scenes tour.

After the tour, we headed right into the next event the Culinary Demo.

Culinary Cruises nourish your culinary curiosity.  We were ready to receive kitchen secrets from award winning chefs and seeing them in action.

The Culinary Demo would included Bill Esparza and a little about who he is and what he does.  Bill has obtained first hand experience on the streets, stands and markets of Los Angeles, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.  Offering a wealth of knowledge about food.

Be sure to check out his cookbook, L.A. Mexicano. “Richly photographed and authentically local, L.A. Mexicano showcases L.A.’s famously rich and complex Mexican-food culture, including recipes, profiles of chefs, bakers, restaurateurs, and vendors, and neighborhood guides. Part cookbook, part food journalism, and part love song to Los Angeles, it’s the definitive resource for home cooks nationwide, hungry Angelenos, and food-loving visitors. Features a foreword by Taco USA‘s Gustavo Arellano and more than 100 photos by Staci Valentine”.

When we arrived at the Princess Theater there was a large crowd of people already there.

Waiting with anticipation to learn more about the Chefs and their speciality dishes.

Mrs. Sabina conducted a cooking demo of Salsa making.  She doesn’t speak much English but her son, Luis and daughter Mariana interpreted everything she said to the crowd.  A very smooth transition.  Her salsa looked amazing and we heard it had quite the kick!

I will elaborate more on Chef Sabina when I take you on the journey and wonderful experience of Mexico.

Carlos is the Chef and owner of Taco Maria in Costa Mesa, California.  Taco Maria has been named one of the top five restaurants in Los Angeles for the past three years.

Chef Carlos prepared his Ceviche dish which we tried the previous night at Crown Grill. A really good and simple dish that was packed with flavor.  Chef Carlos offered a wealth of knowledge to the audience and media in attendance.  I learned a few things that I didn’t know about cooking as well as fruits and vegetables from Chef Carlos during his demo.  He is very knowledgeable.

The cooking demo was both entertaining and informative.  Watching the Chefs cook only made me hungry.

After leaving the Cooking demo we headed to grab something to eat.  Princess Cruises has been named the best pizza at Sea by USA Today.

The Pizzeria is located Poolside.  The perfect spot for Movies under the Stars which is the nightly movies shown aboard the cruise ship.  With a different movie showing each night.

When we arrived the Chefs in the Pizzeria were preparing Pizzas.  I had a chance to record a few videos of the Pizzas being prepared as well as chat with the Chefs.

I was also given a little behind the scenes tour of the kitchen and the preparation area. Pretty cool.

We tried the special of the day which was a Chorizo Mexican Pizza.  OH My Word, this pizza was amazing!  I am a pizza lover and I love pizza that’s different from your        non-traditional pizzas.

This one was superb.  I see why Princess Cruises Pizzeria is named Best Pizza at Sea.  I couldn’t agree more.

I didn’t want to eat too much because I was heading to spend some time in the Sanctuary.

Let me just say, this was one of my all time favorite things during the cruise.

The Sanctuary is an adult only area.  The feel of a Spa but with the view of an upper deck with water views all around.

I checked in and I was immediately seated in my area of choice.  It was so quiet.  I could feel my body relaxing just from the quietness.

It was a bit cold that day, so I was given a few blankets, water and a menu to order lunch when I was ready.

I decided to just sit and think.  No music, no books, no videos, just quiet time.  Me and my thoughts and the sound of water and wind.

Oh my I felt like I was in heaven.  This was exactly what I needed.

After sitting and meditating for a while, I ordered a Passion Fruit Icy Mocktail.  So pretty and perfect, a good taste and visually appealing.

I also ordered a light lunch which consisted of a white bean salad with grilled shrimp skewers.  Amazing dish.  Light and tasty.

After eating lunch, I read a bit and even enjoyed a nice 20 minute nap.  This was nice, I had no where to be for a while.  No one chatting, no noise just the beauty of tranquility. Oh so nice.  A well deserved treat that I took great advantage of.

I slowly began getting myself ready to head to my Spa appointment.  This day was all about rest and relaxation.

When I arrived at my Spa appointment, they checked me in and lead me to the back.  I changed into a robe and was ready to be pampered.

The waiting area was really nice.  Dim lights, water or tea, sofas and light music.  I was all set and ready to go.  After about a 15 minute wait, my masseuse arrived.

We headed to the room and got started.  I chose a hot stone massage, so relaxing.  The hot stones and oil massage was incredible.

I was so relaxed after the massage.  What a perfect day.  It was everything I wanted and needed it to be.

A fun morning of behind the scenes views, cooking demonstrations, relaxation and quiet time.

What more could a girl ask for right?  I am glad that you ask, how about dinner at the restaurant of a world renowned chef.

Be sure to come back and check out the blog post about the restaurant called Share which is aboard the Ruby Princess.  I won’t tell you what Chef he is but you don’t want to miss it!