It’s Favorites Friday, Technology edition.  I am a big tech girl.  I love technology.  My husband and kids know, that any tech gifts is the way to go for me.  For Christmas, I got the new Apple watch, Series 4.

I had the Apple Watch, Series 1 forever.  With the apple watch, you don’t know you need it until you start using it.

From the minute the watch arrives you are captivated.  The packaging was well thought out.

The watch is super easy to put together and easy to started using.

Like most moms, I am busy.  I often find myself multi-tasking and this watch is amazing for multi-taskers.   One of my fave things is that I don’t need my phone to check my text messages, answer my phone or check emails.

I can even answer my phone and make a call on my watch.

One of the things my kiddos love about me having the apple watch is the ability to ask questions or find answers to questions on the internet.

The watch also detects stress and anxiety and will advise you that you need to breathe. The perfect calming companion. In addition, the watch checks my blood pressure for me.

Want to challenge yourself physically.  The watch can tell you how many calories you’ve burned.  Motivating you to reach your goal.

It also has the new fall detection and emergency SOS.  Now the emergency SOS is something else.  My son recently figured out a way to turn it on and it notified my husband and mom as if I was in trouble. WOW.  Great feature but not when your toddler figures it out.

The watch was recently re-designed.  I love the new look of the watch.

I love that I can control my music on my watch as well.  Skipping songs or replaying songs straight from my watch.

The walkie-talkie feature is pretty cool.  Being able to communicate with other apple watch owners via this feature.

As a mom being hands free is amazing.  Allows me to focus on my kiddos without skipping a beat as well as being able to answer and receive call.

This is my favorite thing.  As I said I owned the Apple Watch Series 1 for a long time. But this upgrade was nice.  I love the apple watch more and more.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this would be a great gift for the lady in your life.

With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, this is a wonderful choice for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Friday!