My daughter loves animals in general. Her dream is to become a veterinarian. But dogs are her favorite.

She’s been asking us for a new dog since we moved to Houston a year ago. But my husband and I didn’t think that it was a good time.

Well she was turning 11 and we asked her what she wanted for her birthday and the dog came up again. She opted out of a birthday party this year, because she really wanted a dog.

Without telling her I began doing some research and found this super sweet couple who had some dogs coming available.

We researched them to make sure that they were legit. They were and their home was about an hour away.

They announced via their website that the dogs would be available to choose via internet on a specific date. But it was first come first serve. You had to call in and give the name of the dog that you wanted then they would hold the dogs for up to three days.

You would then go and meet the dog and take the dog home.

It was such a sweet thing to see her choose her dog.

We chose a dog that they named Baxter. I set up the appointment to go one Saturday morning.

She was up bright and early ready to go.

We headed out and drove to the home of the owners. It was easy to find their place.

A sweet lady greeted us and welcomed us in. She spoke with us a little and chatted with our kids.

Then it was time for what we came for to meet our sweet puppy.

He came out running and right to the kiddos. He was so playful and lovable.

After playing a bit, she got the dog ready for us to take home. Both of our kids were in love with the dog. They couldn’t wait.

Baxter was ready to go.

Baby girl was ready.

He was so adorable as he snuggled in her arms.

The ride home was easy. He didn’t give any problems. A few whimpers at first but in time he was relaxed and took a nap.

On the way home we stopped at the Pet Store.  We needed to pick up a few items. After spending a few minutes in the store we headed home.

The transition was so smooth for our new puppy.

When we arrived home, he met our other dog Reese.

His new name is Hershey. My daughter loves naming dogs after candy. Lol not sure why but she does.

So Meet Hershey!

Hershey is loved by the entire family.

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Be sure to tell them that Da’ Stylish Foodie Sent you.