The Houston Auto Show was held at the NRG Stadium in January of 2020.  We were gifted two tickets to the Houston Auto Show so we went as a family to take a look at the latest designs.

As we arrived there was a line of people coming and going.

For anyone who has never been to a car show, this is a perfect place to see all of the new cars in one place.

A fun fact about me, I love cars. I can name any car I see on the road. Plus with details about the car. This has been since I was in my 20’s my love for cars developed.

Our son loves cars too, so we decided to make it a family affair and spend the day at the Houston Auto Show.

In the hallway area of the NRG Stadium there were antique and classic cars displayed through out.

Old Mustangs

Ford Model T

Ford Roadsters

1940 Buick Special Phaeton Convertibles

Plus many more.

We headed inside and there were cars everywhere. Almost any car you could think up was their with the exception of some of the high end cars.

From Ford vehicles like the new Ford Electric Car, Mach-E.

To the Ford F-150 Raptor..

There was the Ford Super Duty..

And OH MY!!!! The FORD GT was bananas!  A gorgeous, sleek sports car. Wow.

Jeep is one of my favorite brands. I don’t own one but I sure do love them.

A great vehicle for cruising.

I couldn’t refuse sitting in and getting a cool photo.

Our son didn’t want to get it out of the jeeps. He was in everyone that was displayed.

Cool cruising vehicles like the Can-Am Spyders. So cool.

The Captain Courageous car was also on display. Kid size, our little man was in heaven.

Dodge was also there with their new sporty vans. I’m not a van person but vans have come a long way. Sporty, cool and nice rims. I have to admit had me looking twice at the van.

Better gas mileage, sporty looks and trim. Why not right??

Fiat was in the building as well.

Love trucks, Ram 2500 was eye catching. Big black truck that was stylish too.

Toyota is also a popular brand of vehicles. Long lasting and they were and still are as popular as they were when I was a kid.

Jaguar was also in the building. With their new Jaguar models that are backed by Elite care.

Pictured above is the E-Pace compact SUV.

One of my other favorite brands, Range Rovers was on display.

From their Range Rover Sports..

Autobiography to their newest one….

The Range Rover Defender. WOW quite a good looking vehicle.

Looking for a camping truck? No worries, the new Frontier is there to meet your needs.

Lincoln has recently introduced the Aviator which is quite a sleek vehicle.

Definitely going to the give the Range Rover a run for their money.

A clean and classy looking vehicle.

Porsche was also on the floor. Introducing their new Porsche Taycan. Really really nice with a classic Porsche look.

Look for a high end car? They’ve got you covered at the Houston Auto show with vehicles like:

  • Maserati
  • McLauren

There were more classic cars Mark V.

Some way some how our Hot Wheels loving son spotted the Hot Wheels booth.

He was not leaving without adding cars to his collection.

So we headed to the booth and explored the Hot Wheels.

Hot wheels also has a line of Mario Kart Cars. How cool is that? Our daughter loves Mario Kart. So she bought a few for her collection.

Cadillac is a car many of my uncles owned and have loved through the years.

They had some really classy looking vehicles on display.

Infiniti which has proven to be a reliable company with great service over the years was also there.

I’ve owned three Infiniti’s and they have proven that their customer service is second to none.

BMW which is also a vehicle I have owned. One of the best driving machines out there.

The X7 was popular that day. Many were seeing it for the first time in person.

Our son was in love with the BMW 330i.

A little too small for our family but definitely eye catching.

So if you are car shopping, find an auto show.

This alleviates the hassle of going from Dealership to dealership.

We wrapped up our day at the car show and headed to find something to eat.  There was food for purchase at the Car show  as well as outside with the Food Trucks.

Overall, we loved the Houston Auto Show. We will definitely attend again.

Want me to attend your Auto Show. Contact me at [email protected]