One of my favorite things about being a Blogger/Content Creator is attending Media events. Now let me say not all Media events are created equally, but there are some that are amazing, over the top, informative and creative. I’ve been to quite a few amazing Media events both locally and via my travel collaborations the last few years.

When I heard about this event, I was excited to learn some things about grilling.

The organizers were kind enough to offer us a shuttle to the event. This was a nice option and allowed many of us to connect on the bus and get to know one another before arriving at the event.

Before I dive into the details of this event, let me tell you this Girls Who Grill event that I attended a few weeks ago didn’t disappoint. This event was organized, well planned, fun, creative and was a whole vibe.

The event was hosted by Beef It’s what’s for Dinner. Our co-host for the evening was the talented pit-master Erica Roby. If you don’t know Erica Roby she competed on the Food Network Show BBQ Brawl and she was crowned the Master of Cue of Season 2.  I remembered her from the show. A fierce competitor and so much fun to be around!

Her co-host was the lovely Chef Marcia Smart. Marcia is a Cookbook author, recipe creator, cooking class teacher and so much more. A lovely spirit and so kind.

The event was hosted at her absolutely stunning, picturesque Kitchenette Farm. Absolutely gorgeous property and home.

I have to say before this I had no desire to live in a farmhouse but her place was stunning! As we arrived on the property, we were greeted by Marcia and they were so welcoming. We were able to explore and see the beautiful farmhouse before the event. You can check out more on her farmhouse via my youtube channel here .

Wow! Gorgeous!

All of the meat for this event was donated by Ratcliff Premium Meats. Ratcliff Meats is a family owned, black owned business. I can’t wait to order some meat this Summer from Ratcliff.

Now for what you came here for the event. The event started off with us being greeted by the team. They shared what the night would consist of and how much fun we were about to have.

Then we headed inside to grab our beautiful custom aprons. Really nice touch. Love the aprons.

We started in the kitchen where we formed teams of 3 or 4 to cook. We were going to learn together throughout the evening. As well as get to know one another better. I loved my team, it was our first time meeting but we connected and worked so well together.

First up was making our own Compound Butter. Our butter consisted of Salt, Pepper, Rosemary, Butter, lemon zest, pepper flakes and Lemon juice. So easy to do. I will start making my own at home.

Once we were done, we headed outside to learn all about Beef and to cook.

The first thing we did is hear from Erica the pitmaster. She told us all about the new PitBoss Smoker. The new PitBoss Smoker Champion Barrel Mahogany. Really nice. I loved that you can smoke the meat right on the charcoal.

Erica shared all about grilling, what to look for when grilling. How to know when the grill is ready. She was so informative, funny and knowledgeable. I am pretty comfortable on the grill/smoker and I still learned a lot from her. I would definitely take another class with her!

Now it was time to cook. My team and I chose our first cut of meat a Ribeye. The meat was beautiful. Then we went over to our table that was stocked with seasonings, pans, a cutting board and meat thermometer.

We seasoned the meat and waiting for our grill to get to temperature. We decided to smoke right on the coals.

The Ribeye turned out great. I would say that was my favorite cut to smoke in the PitBoss smoker. Once the meat was done, we topped it with some of the compound butter we made.

We allowed it to rest then sliced. So good!! The salt and Pepper seasoning was delicious.

We also learned about Beef from the Meat Scientist. I had no idea that was a thing. She was so good and shared a wealth of knowledge with us.

Next up was the skirt steak. We switched up our seasoning this time and did our own blend with salt, pepper and garlic powder. The skirt steak cooked pretty fast. Overall turned out great.

One thing about skirt steak you have to cut it correctly are it will be tough. We finished the steak with chimichurri. That chimichurri was superb.

The last meat we prepared was a tenderloin. I cook tenderloin at my house but I’ve never cooked it in the smoker. The technique Erica taught us was really neat. Season your meat first with your seasoning of choice. Then you soak your towel in wine. Then wrap the towel. Use twine to wrap the around the meat.

The meat was then added to the smoker. While the last cut of meat was in the smoker we headed inside for a cocktail demonstration and a delicious Romesco dip with Marcia Smart.

The yummy mocktail is pictured here. Marcia has some simple, creative and tasty recipes.

Be sure to order her cookbook here

The romesco dip was served with these beautiful fresh vegetables. Gorgeous.

After the cooking demos, we sat down for a small dinner and dessert.

Overall this event was well done. One of my favorite media events that I’ve attended so far this year. A super friendly group of women. The influencers from Austin and Houston were amazing and super nice. I have to say, a great networking event to get to know other women. This event was hosted and put on by all women. Women Empowerment at it’s best! Love it!

The cooking experience was so much fun. I really enjoyed learning more about grilling.

I have to say the Swag bag was filled with lots of goodies.  Apron, spices, meat thermometer, cast iron skillet. So nice.  Thanks to the entire team for such a fun event!

Here is what I wore and it was very comfy. Shop here

That’s a wrap! Until next time!