We love to travel to Resorts that have great restaurants in the Resorts. During our visit at the Gaylord, we enjoyed some delicious food.

One of the days we were there we choose to venture out and find a restaurant to dine at near our resort.

We were able to find a spot 5 – 10 minutes away called that had an outdoor dining space, Ring of Honor, Kitchen and Bar. Ring of Honor is a Modern gastropub attached to a golf club with creative fare, craft cocktails & outdoor seating.

Ring of Honor is attached to the Cowboys Golf Club. The one and only NFL Themed Golf Club. I gotta say the restaurant and Golf Club is stunning.

The Golf Club is opened to the public 7 days a week for golf, dining, hospitality and private events like weddings, parties and much more.

We didn’t check out the Golf course, but what we did see parts of the Golf course it was gorgeous. The property was well maintained.

Back to the restaurant, Ring of Honor is a really really nice restaurant. The outside is well designed and very classy.

As we walked in we immediately noticed the memorabilia and showcases of the Dallas Cowboys accomplishments.

We looked around a little and waited to be seated. After 3 – 5 minutes passed we found someone and asked them whether we should seat ourselves. The girl said you can sit wherever you would like.

Ok cool, why isn’t there a sign? Also why did we have to find someone to ask when two girls were near us and looked at us like we didn’t belong.

We ignored this and found a seat outside. Initially I have to admit people made us feel like we didn’t belong. I guess they aren’t accustomed to seeing people that look like us dine at their place of business. That’s the only thing I can see.

We found a great spot to sit. The waiter eventually arrived to the table and took our drink orders. She was very nice.

We perused the menu and decided on a few small plates.

The outdoor vibe and feel of the Ring of Fire was really cool. I love that they had the fireplace going since it was a cool day. They also had overhead heating that was perfect as well.

While we were waiting a really nice guy was there working and we had a chat with him about patios and heating elements for patios. He was really cool.

Our food arrived, we started with the Texas Picnic. The Texas Picnic was like a charcuterie board with a Texas vibe. The items included local sausage, smoked cheddar cheese, pickles, served with shiner bbq sauce, honey grain mustard and ritz crackers.

The Texas Picnic was good. The sausage was delicious. The cheese tasted like cube cheese I buy for my kids with ritz crackers. For such a nice establishment, some of the items in the Texas picnic seemed like it didn’t belong on the menu.

I don’t have anything against Ritz crackers but there are so many crackers on the market they could have use to elevate the Texas Picnic. Visually it was a nice presentation.

The Cubed cheese? Not sure about that for the Texas picnic, but that could have been done better.

We ordered The Michelada Shrimp. This was very similar to a ceviche to us. The flavor profile was delicious. The shrimp were a good size.

This was a superb appetizer.

Our son ordered the kid’s Chicken tenders with fruit. A typical chicken tender with fresh fruit. It was a good option for our little man.

Baby girl ordered the Country Cuban Sandwich. The Sandwich was made with pork carnitas, bacon, Carolina mustard bbq, swiss cheese and spicy pickles. This was a well done sandwich. Delicious.

My daughter really enjoyed this sandwich.

My Step daughter ordered the Blackened fish tacos. The fish tacos consisted of Blackened Grilled Cod, Coleslaw, pico, queso fresco on a corn tortilla garnished with lime and cilantro.

She said the taco was ok. A few complaints were that the fish was a bit on the salty side. Which can happen when you are dealing with blackening seasoning. The lime was dry. She couldn’t get any juice out of it.

Overall it was just ok.

My husband ordered the Shrimp and Grits. Blackened Shrimp served with Gouda grits topped with pico and queso fresco.

I think this was the best dish of the day. Well presented dish and great flavors.

I ordered the Red, Black and Southern. This dish consisted of Texas Blackened Redfish, Basmati rice and Andouille Louisiana Gumbo.

Overall this was a well presented dish. The gumbo plating was so cute.

The fish with the rice and gumbo was good. I loved the idea of the Basmati rice with the fish.

Fun fact about me I prefer Basmati rice over any other rice. Just a little nugget.

The gumbo was definitely a New Orleans style Gumbo with the tomatoes. The fried okra was a nice addition to the dish.

The fish was seasoned well.

I really enjoyed my dish. The blistered tomatoes got a little lost in the presentation. Adding some fresh herbs on the fish would have elevated the dish without the need for the tomatoes. Just a suggestion.

Overall Ring of Honor is a really nice restaurant with a cool vibe. The design and creation of the spot was well thought out. Very classy, but I am not surprised. The Dallas Stadium is top notch and I wouldn’t expect anything less of this spot.

The restaurant was ok. There were some pluses and minuses where the food is concerned. There is room for improvement with some of the dishes.

I would say that the Shrimp and Grits and the Country Cuban were the favorites of the day.

The menu had some really good offerings and caters to everyone in that sense.

Presentation of the dishes were really nice across the board.

The service was decent. It wasn’t the best but not the worst either.

I think that the staff needs to be more open minded to welcoming people that look different in their facility.

The grounds and golf course area was gorgeous and breathtaking. On a gorgeous day, I am sure it’s great to be out there.

Would we go back? Probably, the vibe of the restaurant itself is visually stunning, the patio was so nice to dine on while overlooking the golf course.

Even the inside was gorgeous.

I am not a Dallas Cowboys fan, but it was nice to see the trophies and memorabilia in the entry area of the restaurant.

There is also a Golf shop in front for shopping.

I love seeing the photo of Tom Landry in the entry area of the restaurant. He was a fellow hat wearer.

Tom Landry was the first head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He wore signature hats.

Ring of Honor and the Cowboys Golf Club is located 1600 Fairway Drive, Grapevine, TX. The hours of operation are 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

If you visit, be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.

Before leaving the parking lot, our son spotted a Classic Chevrolet Truck and he had to go check it out and take a picture with it. He loves cars.

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Our son loves Classic Chevrolet Truck. He just had to take a picture! He looked adorable rocking his Nike hat with Nike Dri-fit shirt and Nike Court Borough tennis shoes. @nike

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