Gourmand Kitchen is a new spot that I recently stumbled on. I had never been, nor had I ever heard of it.  But the name was intriguing. “A Gourmand is a person who takes great pleasure in eating good food and drinks”.

Gourmand Kitchen creates dishes that are inspired by their American roots and European culinary styles.

Serving dishes that include great flavor and fresh ingredients purchased locally.  The Farm to Table concept. Offering a seasonal menu that changes.

As I entered the restaurant, I loved the look of Gourmand Kitchen.

Fresh pops of color and with greenery.

The high ceilings with exposed lighting and pendants gave the restaurant a very contemporary look.

I started with a delicious, fresh mocktail. This drink was created by the bartender, a Strawberry Basil Spritzer. Really good.

After my drink arrived, the waiter arrived with chips and fresh hummus.  A simple hummus but very tasty.

For my appetizer, I ordered the Crispy Pork Belly.  Crispy Pork Belly served with poached apples and bacon apple honey sauce and arugula.

A very delicious appetizer.  The poached apples, arugula and bacon apple honey sauce balanced the pork belly well.  Lighting up a dish that could be heavy. This dish was really good.

Gourmand Kitchen also serves Tacos.  I ordered the Fish Tacos. Grilled Spiced flounder with chickpea puree, avocado, pickled cabbage & pico de gallo with chipotle aioli in a corn tortilla. This was an incredible, well balanced taco. The ingredients all married together really well.

For my side, I ordered the Ancho Bacon Mac-n-Cheese.  The mac-n-cheese was just ok because it wasn’t hot which is a no no. I did express this to the waiter. He apologized but didn’t offer to bring me a hot one. Which was fine. I took it to go.  I am not sure why it’s called Ancho Mac-n-Cheese, because it just tasted like regular Bacon & Mac-n-Cheese.

I also tried the Shrimp and Grits.  Let me stop here for a minute.  This dish blew me away. Totally unexpected. Shrimp and Grits with bacon bits, smoked cheddar, green pea grits and Sriracha emulsion.  Amazing! A nice level of heat!

I have eaten my share of Shrimp and Grits being from Louisiana, but man was this dish good.  Might be the best Shrimp and Grits I’ve eaten! Deliciousness.

Overall, I love the vibe of Gourmand Kitchen.  The food is delicious.  The dishes are well thought out.  I love that they serve local ingredients.  As far as service, I think it’s average.  They could use a little help with service.

It’s a great place to work and dine.

Gourmand Kitchen has a good menu with lots of options to choose from.  They are conveniently located at 9818 Fry Rd #130, Cypress, TX 77433.

The Hours of operation are Lunch Tuesday – Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Dinner 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. and for Sunday Brunch 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Go check out Gourmand Kitchen and be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.