Chicken tenders are something that my kiddos love. Typically they are fried, but today I am sharing an alternative to the traditional fried tenders.

Today I am sharing a brand new Air Fryer coating mix, the Garlic & Herb. This coating mix is perfect for chicken tenders or pork.

I tried the coating mix on chicken tenders and pork. Really good. Simple and easy to use without the big mess!

I tried the mix with the Pork Chops. Really simple, follow the directions on the box. Remember cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of the meat.

I finished the Pork Chop with salt and fresh herbs.

The pork chop was moist. The crust was crispy. A few nuggets to use the coating mix with air fryer, preheat the air fryer and flip halfway through cooking. Add additional time for a crispier crust, but don’t overcook.

I used the Cosori Air Fryer for the Pork Chops. Link here to shop the Air Fryer 

The chicken was delicious. I didn’t miss the fact that the chicken wasn’t fried in grease. It was really good.

I served the chicken with Ray’s Chicken Sauce for dipping. Oh so good!!

For the Chicken tenders I used my older Air Fryer, the NuWave Bravo XL. I used the air fryer setting to prepare my chicken tenders. Here is a link for more on the NuWave Bravo Xl which has multi-functions like Air frying, baking, broiling, toasting and much more.

Shop this Air Fryer here:

Air Fryers are in big demand. One of my favorite on the market is this NuWave Bravo XL. Why? Because it’s multi-functional. It’s an Air Fryer, Broiler, Toaster and so much more!! #AirFryer #Appliances #Home

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Louisiana Fish Fry has this product and much more available for your Air Fryer and much more. Visit their website for more information.