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I’m no stranger to fasting. I began fasting as a teenager. The church I grew up in was really big on fasting. We learned all about fasting both extensive fast and short term fasting.

Till this day, fasting is an important part of my life. I was intrigued when I heard of the Fast Bar. The Fast Bar is the only Intermittent fasting bar scientifically formulated to allow you to fast with food!

Intermittent fasting has become extremely popular over the last year or so. Intermittent fasting is an eating plan that switches between fasting and eating on a regular schedule.

For example 16:8 fast, which allows you to eat 8 hours and fast 16 hours.

The fast bar allows you to skip hunger, boost your energy so you can fast for longer! The fast bar allows you to focus on when to eat rather than what to eat. The bar is made of Plant-based protein,  Non-GMO and Gluten Free. Incorporate Fast Bar into your fasting window.

“Experience the smart way to intermittent fast. incredible combo of premium nuts, like almonds, pecans, and macadamias. Curb your hunger, nourish yourself, and get the most out of your day. 

Fast Bar 2.0 Claims

  •  Fast Bar® extends your fast.
  • Extend your fast with Fast Bar
  • Extend your fasting window with Fast Bar
  • Extend your fast until your next meal with Fast Bar®.
  • Fast Bar allows you to fast for longer.
  • Fast Bar curbs your hunger without breaking your fast, so you can fast for longer.
  • With Fast Bar, now you can fast with food.
  • Fast Bar nourishes you without breaking fast.
  • Fast Bar® does not spike your sugar/glucose as with a water only fast. It has the same impact on glucose levels as water.
  • Groundbreaking study proves you can extend your fast with Fast Bar®.
  • Fast Bar extends your intermittent fasting window to get to 16:8, 18:6, or longer…
  • The impossible is possible, with Fast Bar now you can eat and still achieve your 16:8 or 18:6 fasting goal!
  • Fast Bar has reinvented fasting – now you can eat without breaking your fast!
  • Now you can eat, and still get to your 16:8 or 18:6 fasting window goal.

Now there are so many benefits to fasting, both spiritually and health wise. I’ve used fasting for both of these benefits.

This bar helps change the game of fasting. Reduces the risk of spike/raise/increase your glucose/sugar levels. Fast bar is as effective as water to not raise your sugar levels.

The bars are tasty, healthy, high in fiber and good for you. I’ve added these to my days that I fast as well as for snacks when I am not fasting.

To purchase visit their website and use the code Dastylishfoodie15.