Today is Black Friday and the stores are packed with people shopping and getting ready for Christmas.

This officially kicks off the Holiday Season.

It’s also Favorite’s Friday, for those new to the blog, this is when I share my Favorite Products. Today is all about NUWave Bravo XL Smart Oven. 

Here are some details about the NUWAVE Bravo XL:

The NuWave Bravo XL Air Frying Convection Oven

  • Air Fry Healthy Food Without Oil.
  • All the Power & Control You Need for Great Meals.
  • Integrated Digital Temperature Probe.
  • Extra Large 1-Cubic Foot Capacity.
  • Uniform Even Heat Throughout.
  • 12 Pre-Programmed Presets. Three Convection Fan Speeds.
  • Easy to Use for Stress Free Cooking.
  • Don’t Heat Up the Whole Kitchen.
  • Food Crispy, Not Soggy Like from Microwaves.
  • Ready to Use Right Out of the Box.

I had an opportunity to work with this company on a video. It was so cool to work with this product.

I’ve had a few months to get accustomed to the product and how it works. I have to say that it is a really good product.

Below are some of the dishes I created in the NuWave Bravo XL:

Baked Fish

Broiled asparagus

Spatch chicken and Potatoes.

In addition, I have toasted bread, made grilled cheese, air fried french fries, grilled chicken and much more.

This product is one that I highly recommend for any busy family who want to prepare quality food and dishes for their family.

Most dishes you can prep, place in the oven and go do other things.

The Smart Oven is easy to setup. I did it all myself with no problems. The instructions are pretty simple.

Love Pizza? This smart oven also has items that can be purchased with the smart oven to create the perfect pizza.

I didn’t get to use my products for the Pizza yet but I can’t wait!

Want to purchase this? Here is the link to the website

Happy Friday!