My husband is quite the fisherman. He has been bass fishing for several years. He was in a bass club for a few years before we moved to Houston and our family owned a bass boat for several years as well.

Now that we are all settled my husband is getting back into fishing again.

I love seeing him enjoy things that he loves to do.

Fishing is relaxing for him.

My uncle came to visit us a few weeks ago and he is also a fisherman. He loves catching Catish, Garfish and Sac-a-lait.

We decided to go to Bass Pro Shops Katy.  For those who don’t know Bass Pro Shops is a great store for the outdoor enthusiast.

Perfect spot to shop for whatever you are looking for whether for Hunting, Camping, Fishing and much more.

For clothes, equipment, sunglasses, fishing poles, camping equipment and even boats.

We started out by looking at boats. My husband loves Bass Boats and my uncle loves Bay Boats. He currently owns a Bay Boat and is considering upgrading his boat.

My husband has owned a boat before and our son has been bugging my husband to buy a new boat. For some reason he has all of sudden taken a liking to fishing. So spring time I know what they will be doing.

The Bass Pro Shops in Katy was huge.

The kids checked out the boats, Bass to Bay boats and even Party Barges. How fun would it be to own a Party Barge?

There was one of the party barges that was the Cadillac of Party Barges.

The Bay Boats were beautiful as well. There was a stunning Red bay boat. My uncle fell in love almost immediately.

So nice.

After checking out the different boats we explored the store more.

There was a large selection of Rods and Reels…

More Rods.

Fish Bait, both saltwater and fresh water bait.

Fishing gear and wear as well for the entire family.

A really large camping section and display for the Camping lovers. Bass Pro Shops has everything you need to prepare for your camping exhibition.

The Hunting section was extensive as well. Maybe the largest section in the store.

Also a kids section with clothing and toys.

Oh my goodness. Is it just me or do your kids always want something when we go into a store?

One of the things I noticed is that this Bass Pro Shops didn’t have a Cafe. Most Bass Pro Shops have a place to grab a sandwiches, hot food, snacks or drinks.

Quite possibly because it’s attached to a mall. But I wish it had a Cafe to enjoy the exotic burgers and sandwiches the other ones offer.

We’ve been to a few Bass Pro Shops in our time. This one was cool. The kids, my uncle and husband all enjoyed it.

I loved that this Bass Pro Shop had a large selection of sunglasses. A great looking display section to try on different sunglasses.

The staff were the friendliest that we’ve experienced at any of the Bass Pro Shops. Very impressive.

We love Bass Pro Shops because it’s an outing in itself.

We always spend hours in the Bass Pro Shops. Just wish this one had a restaurant. But we had a blast and the service was fantastic.

Bass Pro Shops Katy is located at 5000 Katy Mills Cir Suite 415, Katy, TX 77494.

The Hours of Operation are Mondays – Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Sundays 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.