Mr. Keet’s is a restaurant that has been open for about 3 years or so. Mr. Keet’s is located in Maurice, LA. The menu choices vary, some examples are seafood, burgers, chicken, etc.. There is something on the menu to accommodate everyone in your family.

My aunt’s birthday was recently, so we decided to spend the day doing some shopping and end with dinner. I have been wanting to try Mr. Keet’s, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to go and try the food. Upon entrance into the restaurant, the dining room didn’t anything like I thought it would look. The restaurant sort of reminds me of cafeteria style seating. The dining area is a very open space.  The decor has a Louisiana theme. There were Saint’s, LSU & Rajun Cajun flags & items that accentuated the space.

Mr. Keet’s also had mounted flat screens in at least four areas in the dining room. So if you are getting together with friends and family to watch a big game, you may consider this place to accommodate everyone and cut your cost.

This restaurant reminds me of Lagneaux’s, in regards to the menu & the set up. Cajun food & seafood is their speciality, but as I said earlier the menu offers variety. The restaurant originally opened serving gumbo & crawfish only. Mr. Keet’s also serves Barbecue on Sunday’s.

We started our meal with a few appetizers. Pictured above is broccoli bites which had broccoli, cheese and bacon that was battered and fried. Broccoli bites is something that I order at many different restaurants like Fezzo’s. The food came out lukewarm. It tasted good, but would have been a whole lot better if it would have been hot. The broccoli bites came with ranch dipping sauce.

We also ordered the Stuffed Jalapeno peppers. The Jalapenos were stuffed with cheddar cheese. Again the peppers came with the same issue as the broccoli bites, they were not hot! The peppers were stuffed perfectly with the right amount of cheese & the batter was not thick at all. If it was hot, I can almost assure you that it would have been so good! The cheese would have been gooey, which I love.  The peppers came with ranch dipping sauce.
The chicken bites were probably the only things that was hot. The chicken was on point. Fried correctly, nice and crispy without being too hard and it smelled so good. The chicken had a side of honey mustard and ranch dipping sauce. 
The entrees each came with Coleslaw or Side salad. We all decided on coleslaw. The coleslaw was ok. Nothing special about it, tasted like mayo, a little mustard or vinegar and sugar. I didn’t care for it at all. My grandmother liked it, so I gave her my plate too. Lol..

Lil mama ordered a burger with fries and diced tomatoes on the side. She said her burger was good. The plate looked really good. Mr. Keet’s serves great portion sizes. This plate was a kids plate and she had more than enough to eat.

My grandmother, mom and aunt all ordered the same entree which was the Crawfish Plate. The Crawfish plate consisted of crawfish etouffee over rice, fried crawfish, crawfish fettucini, and two boiled crawfish with tartar sauce on the side. The plate looked delicious! With a good looking plate like that, I was expecting everyone to clean their plate. Unfortunately, looks were deceiving. The food was very bland, for cajun food it had no spice. They added hot sauce and salt which helped a little. But again the food was lukewarm.

Crawfish fettucini pictured above and a side of fried catfish nuggets are pictured below. I didn’t order the fettucini, but my family said it tasted more like fettucini noodle that were boiled first and then crawfish etouffee was poured on topped and sprinkled with cheese. Hmm.. I don’t cook my crawfish fettucini that way, but maybe that’s how they do their fettucini. It looked amazing but sadly not good. 

The catfish nuggets were delicious. The catfish nuggets were fried to perfection. The nuggets were fried in cornmeal with a golden brown color with a side of tartar sauce. I should have order that with fries and I would have been good to go!

I had the 1/2 & 1/2 crawfish which consist of crawfish etoufee over rice and fried crawfish tails. The corn shown below was my side. Surprisingly, the corn was my absolute favorite thing to eat. The corn was season well and scorching hot! Who knew that such a simple side dish could be a favorite item at a restaurant. But it really was my favorite.

Needless to say, we had lots left on our plates. We were very disappointed about our meals, but the fellowship and family time was awesome. So we did leave with a smile and had a lot to laugh about.  But, unfortunately, I owe my aunt another birthday meal because of this. Lol..
Mr. Keet’s has desserts too, but we decided not to order any desserts. Some of their options are fried ice cream, brownie delight & banana foster just to name a few. Sounded good, but we didn’t want to spend anymore money on their food. It could have been good, but we chose not to take a chance. 
Overall the atmosphere was good. The service was average, because the waiter messed our order up a few times, the food was below average for a cajun restaurant. I didn’t try the crawfish, which I am glad I didn’t because crawfish is too expensive for it to not be good. 
Mr. Keet’s is located at 9511 Maurice Ave in Maurice, LA. There website is The restaurant is opens at 11am everyday.
As a food blogger, I am here to tell you the truth about what I think about each place I visit. Am I saying I would never go back? No, I try every restaurant at least twice. But, I will say that I was not impressed with Mr. Keet’s. It is not one of my TASTEE PLACES!