On this past Tuesday, I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with a friend of mine from our counseling classes we took together last year. We have been trying to schedule dinner the past few weeks, but our schedules kept clashing. So finally, we were able to do dinner. 
She needed me to help her do some research. Well, there are not many local places besides coffee shops that have wifi in Lafayette, so we had a dilemma. I could have taken my Ipad but I wanted to use my laptop instead. 
 My friend lives in Breaux Bridge, so I did a search for places in Breaux Bridge, to my surprise, Zapote’s Mexican Grill came up. So Zapote’s pretty much made the decision for us as to where we would eat. Lol. I will say the internet worked great! No problem. So if you are having a business meeting & need wifi check out this amazing restaurant.

Zapote’s Mexican Grill has been in existence for many years. I have passed this place up many times and always said I wonder if the food is good. Upon entrance, it definitely feels like Mexico. Mexican music playing, the decor was Mexican theme. The waiters were also Mexican so you are getting the full experience.

We ordered our drink, to our surprise the drinks come in a pitcher, which is a cool idea. When the guy first put the pitcher down, I was thinking to myself, there is no way I will drink all of this lemonade. Well I was wrong because I did. Lol. I left hydrated. The waiter never had to worry about a refill.

At most Mexican restaurants, chips and salsas are complimentary. It was the same here. Their salsa was very good. The salsa was not watery, not too chunky either, the right consistency for salsa. The salsa had the right amount of heat. Zapote’s chips were perfect. Some places put too much salt on their chips, but I enjoyed their chips.

I am not big on salsa, so I ordered the queso dip. Omg.. Zapote’s has the best queso dip I have ever had. Trust me, I’ve had my share of queso and no other place compares to their queso. Amazing. The queso was spicy but I absolutely loved it.

My friend decided on the chicken nachos for her entree. The nachos were topped with shredded chicken that was sauteed in a gravy with onion and bell peppers. Then topped with homemade cheese sauce and peppers. I tasted the nachos and I consider myself to be a nacho expert and it was very tasty! The cheese sauce was delicious. It wasn’t the queso but it was a cheddar cheese sauce. Very yummy!

She also ordered the shrimp taco. I didn’t taste the taco but she said it was amazing. Her review on the taco is that the shrimp was cooked and seasoned perfectly. The shrimp was served on a soft shell taco with lettuce and a little cheese. The shrimp taco looked very good!

I ordered the spicy chicken wings. The wings were seasoned and fried to perfection. There was a hot sauce that was served on the side. The hot sauce tasted like the cholula hot sauce, which is a mexican hot sauce. The chicken wings were served over a bed of lettuce, tomato, white cheddar cheese and sour cream. I was thoroughly pleased with this dish! Some may say, why chicken at a Mexican restaurant, I wanted to try something different. I was shocked by the flavor and tastiness of this dish.

I also ordered the beans and rice, because in my opinion beans and rice say a lot about a Mexican restaurant. It was absolutely the best, I have ever had. Delicious! My friend doesn’t like beans and rice but she tried some from my plate and she really liked the beans and rice.

We decided to try the dessert. Sopapillas are my favorite dessert to try at a Mexican restaurant, but this was my least favorite dish we tried. The sopapillas didn’t look like what I am use to. The sopapillas were too thin, I like my honey on the side not on top. I wouldn’t recommend that you try this at all. It looked good, but I was not pleased. I will give them credit for presentation.

Overall the service was great, the food was on our table quickly! The atmosphere was very relaxed. The music reminded me of Mexico when I traveled there. The food was some of the best Mexican food I have ever had.  There is a steady flow of people coming in and out so obviously they are doing something right. From start to finish, I was very satisfied with everything except the dessert.

 Zapote’s Mexican Grill is located at 1421 Rees Street, Breaux Bridge, LA