The 2nd Annual Chocoholic Frolic event is hosted by Acadiana Outreach. This event is to raise money for the Lighthouse Shelter for Women. The cost per ticket was $25.00 per person. The Chocoholic Frolic is a night where many local restaurants come together for a good cause. Each restaurant prepared a dish of choice that consisted of chocolate. 
The Chocoholic Frolic was held at the Victorian located at 302 E. Main Street in Broussard, LA. The Victorian is one of the newest event venues to open in Broussard. The Victorian is a great place to have a wedding, wedding reception or any type of elegant event.  

Jolie Bistro prepared white chocolate balls with chocolate drizzle and dark chocolate balls with white chocolate drizzle. The white chocolate balls were made with white chocolate and grappa wine. Grappa wine is a grape based pomace brandy. The dark chocolate balls were made with dark chocolate and cayenne pepper.

The white chocolate balls were my favorite. White chocolate is my absolute favorite chocolate so I was partial before I took a bite. The grappa wine gave it a different taste, but it was delicious. Sort of refreshing in a sense.

The dark chocolate balls had a touch of cayenne. Initially you don’t taste the cayenne pepper but it kicks you afterwards. Omg.. The chocolate was pretty spicy and it made my throat dry. Not the chocolate but that cayenne pepper. I like spice but I didn’t like it in my chocolate. Overall the chocolate was good.

Jolie Bistro is located on 507 West Pinhook Rd. Jolie’s provides a very diverse Creole menu which consist of local, fresh and seasonal ingredients from local farmers. Look for a more extensive post in the near future about Jolie’s from Tastee Places.

Cena prepared a strawberry balsamic jam with a butter oat pastry topped with a chocolate blackberry sauce. Honestly, when she first said what the dish was, my first thought was she must be joking. To my surprise it was very tasty. The dish sort of reminded me of hot buttered biscuits with strawberry preserves. Great dish for breakfast..

Cena is located in River Ranch at 1042 Camellia Blvd, Ste. 9. 706-7568. Cena is a family owned restaurant that provides ready to cook meals. Their motto is “Supper Made Simple”. Cena also sells soups, salads and sandwiches that are available for dine in as well.  

French Press dessert was a bread pudding made with white chocolate and bourbon sauce. When I say, this was the best thing that I tasted, I am so not joking. Absolutely delicious!! The white chocolate added a nice flavor to the dish. There were also pecans that topped the dish. The bread pudding was light and the sauce was the right consistency. The sauce wasn’t thick at all, the chef really perfected this dish. If I had to describe this dish in one word it would Superb!

French Press is located downtown at 214 E Vermillion Street, 233-9449. French Press speciality is Brunch, with a variety of dishes to choose from.

My visit with the next booth Republic Distribution was very informative. When it comes to alchohol I am very green. So she really schooled me when she started talking about the drink.

Pictured above is a Chocolate Martini. The martini had Choco Noir with milk chocolate cream and red wine blended together. Lots of interesting ingredients but not interesting enough to try. The ladies from the booth next to Republic Distribution said it was delicious. So I took their word for it.

There was another drink that was made with Dripping Springs Texas Vodka, Distilled Moonshine with Copper Steal, Cat Daddy Moonshine and Chocolate. She proceeded to tell me that the Moonshine is clean and pure with cinnamon and nutmeg. I did smell the moonshine and it had a great aroma. The moonshine would probably be great for desserts.

She told me it’s not your typical homemade moonshine. I started laughing because all I could think of was the show MoonShiners. Lol. Their booth was booming people were going back and forth to get drinks.

Republic Distribution is located at 210 Distribution Drive 593-7801.

Located below is cake pops from Katie Bakes. Katie Bakes had the simplest set up but their cake pops were amazing. Melt in your mouth cake. Cake pops are the perfect amount of cake without being too much. The cake pops were delicious and moist. If you have never had Katie Bakes cake pops, you better get there asap. The best!!

Katie Bakes is located in River Ranch at 1042 Camellia Blvd, 704-2287. There is a second location that will be opening in the mall on 4/1/12. Cake pops and whoopie pies are their speciality. In addition, Katie Bakes does cupcakes and cakes as well. The menu changes daily. One thing I like about Katie Bakes is that they sell the old school coke and sprite in the bottle. A really great place.

Zea’s Rotisserie and Grill prepared banana grits. The banana grits were prepared with chipotle mole. The dish tasted just like grits and had the same texture as grits but with different flavors. The grits had a deep rich chocolate and chipotle flavor. The banana grits were topped with banana chips, pecans and toffee.

Very interesting dish, but it wasn’t bad. If I saw it on the menu, I am not sure if I would order it. Lol, but it was good. The toppings added nice color and presentation to the plate. I think it could have used a little more sugar or something to add a sweetness to the grits. Overall, not a bad dish. Certainly, it was very nice how the chocolate was integrated into the dish.

Zea’s is located at 235 Doucet Road behind the Grand 16, 406-0013. Zea’s is known for their corn grits, BBQ, etc. Zea’s offers a variety of menu options.

Capre Diem! Gelato & Expresso Bar was serving three different flavors. Pictured above is the White Chocolate Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Passion & Chocolate Caliente. The White Chocolate Ferrero Rochero was absolutely delicious. My favorite was the chocolate Ferrero Rochero. The white chocolate combined with the crunch of the Rochero chocolate balls that were in the gelato. Yum, yum.. Very refreshing, I could have eaten that whole container.

There was also the Chocolate Passion. Pictured above the Chocolate Passion was a dark chocolate gelato with ginger bread cookies in the mix. Not bad, I am not big on dark chocolate, but it was ok. The ginger bread added a great flavor to the gelato. There was also hardened chocolate in the gelato as well.

Pictured above is the Chocolate Caliente Gelato. This gelato is also made with dark chocolate. Caliente is hot in Spanish. The gelato consisted of cayenne pepper. Seeing that pepper in the gelato threw me off. I was thinking to myself, what’s really going on. The flavors mixed quite well together. The spice was prevalent but manageable and great as a sample. I personally would not order it. Chocolate Caliente was my least favorite of the three.

One thing that was quite interesting to me is that Carpe Diem! serves gluten free gelato. There was a gentlemen in line while I was taste testing and he asked the question. The white chocolate gelato is gluten free. That’s good to know being that so many people that are looking for items that are gluten free.

Carpe Diem! is located downtown at 812 Jefferson Street.

Pictured above is from Pamplona Tapas bar. This is an Orange and Chocolait Drink. The drink consist of vodka, rum, chocolate liqueur, ginger, orange and lemon. Lots of ingredients in it, I didn’t taste it but I smelled it. Great merry of flavors but not enough for me to want to taste it. Lol. 
Pamplona Tapas is a restaurant that serves different types of appetizers. The server explained to me that Tapa simply means a small snack or appetizer. Tapa originated from the Spanish culture. The appetizers would be given to those who purchased drinks. The Spanish wouldn’t drink without eating a little snack. I learned a lot talking to the server.  He gave me a history lesson. I definitely learned a lot by attending this event.
Pamplona is also located downtown at 631 Jefferson Street, 232-0070. 
At the Chocoholic Frolic there was live music, a silent auction, and a Taster’s Choice award was given to Katie Bakes. If you have never been to a Chocoholic Frolic Event please support this event next year. It is a great event to attend and be a blessing to those that are less fortunate.