Pot & Paddle Jambalaya Kitchen Lafayette location.

This week I was invited to do a taste testing at the new restaurant Pot & Paddle.

Pot & Paddle is committed to providing delicious, authentic Cajun cuisine in a timely manner with the highest regard for customer satisfaction.


The restaurant had a really nice color pallet. The picnic tablecloths added a nice flavor to the restaurant.

The environment is family friendly. You feel welcomed the minute you walk through the doors.

Prior to my tasting, I had the opportunity to speak to two of the co-owners of the Lafayette location of Pot & Paddle. They were both so excited about the new restaurant and what they hoped the restaurant would bring to the area.

During my taste testing I had the opportunity to try many of the items from the menu.

One of the first items I tried was the Pork Jambalaya.

The pork jambalaya was delicious. The pork was seasoned well and tender. The rice was not dry, sticky or overcooked.

The chicken and sausage jambalaya was one of my faves.  The smokiness of the sausage and the chicken made for a delicious jambalaya.

The Mac-n-cheese was really good. A penne pasta in a delicious cheese sauce. Definitely will be a hit with the kiddos. I know my kids will love it.

The chicken and sausage gumbo was superb. A good flavor, with sausage and chicken chunks.

The potato salad reminded me of grandmas potato salad. Really good.  My husband is a connoisseur of potato salad, I bought some home for my husband to try and he loved it.

Pot & Paddle also serves daily plate lunches. The day I was there the plate lunch of the day was the Pork Roast over rice and gravy.  The gravy was rich in flavor and thick. Very stew like. Yum.

Red beans were creamy with a hint of spice. Included diced smoked meat.  Just delicious.

The white beans on the menu was a nice touch. Most places serve red beans. You don’t hear of a whole lot of places that serve white beans.

The white beans were seasoned well. Creamy as well. The beans were delicious. All I was missing was some fried chicken and corn bread.

The Green beans had small pieces of bacon slab which gave the green beans a nice smoky flavor.

Pastalaya is everything a jambalaya has but instead of rice, the pasta. So good.

All of the food from the menu is made up of fresh ingredients. Authentic recipes, many Louisiana favorites in hearty portion sizes.

Hosting an event with a limited budget?  Look no further, Pot & Paddle has a reasonable package deal that can accommodate your event needs. Guaranteeing that everyone will leave with a full belly.

Please visit their facebook page www.facebook.com/potandpaddlelafayette.

Before leaving the owners gave me this really nice mini Cast Iron jambalaya pot. Such a cute gift.

Pot & Paddle is located at 2668 Johnston Street, C-4 in Autumnwood Place, Lafayette, Louisiana. The hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.