I’m always up for a little road trip and this past Tuesday, my mom and I traveled to New Iberia, LA to try a restaurant called The New Pelicans on the Bayou. This restaurant closed as the formally known Pelican on the Bayou but the new owners decided to keep the name because of it’s history to the community.

We arrived a little after the restaurant had opened. The restaurant had a very simple exterior look. The logo and sign was blue and gold and a logo that seemed very fitting for the area and the location.

The New Pelicans on the Bayou offers several seating options.

For all you Sports Fans don’t fret, there are televisions available to watch your favorite sport.

The weather was amazing that day so we decided to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather that the Lord had provided for us.

The deck area is amazing. With a view of the Bayou, benches, greenery and a cool breeze. What more could we ask for with the sun beaming and warming us up while the wind blew.

We both ordered a Strawberry Virgin Daiquiri. A very good drink that was enjoyable and perfect for the weather outside.

After perusing the menu, the waitress came and took our order. We decided to try the Pelican Wings. Sweet and Spicy wings that had incredible flavor. A saucy wing that was perfectly fried and crispy.

The onion rings are hand cut, battered and fried in house, so we gave that a try. Really yummy. A simple appetizer but not overly filling. I loved that the batter wasn’t super thick.

We couldn’t decide what to choose for entrees so we ordered a few things. Whatever we didn’t eat would be boxed and taken home.

The Shrimp Pirogue is available either grilled or fried. We ordered our shrimp grilled pirogue with sweet potato fries. The grilled shrimp was a simple sandwich that lacked seasoning. I did mention it to the owner and I understand that the restaurant is still in the menu planning phase. A spicy aioli would be a good option to kick up the spice a bit.

The seafood sampler was massive! A large portion that would be perfect to share with someone. The sampler included Fried Stuffed Crab (real lump crab not fillers), Shrimp, Catfish, Oysters, Frog Legs and Crawfish Kickers.

A real Louisiana option for the person who loves Louisiana cooking. The sampler was served with french fries, a side salad and a bread. The seafood was fried, golden brown, really good. Too big for us to finish but it was superb.

After we finished eating our lunch, I was wondering about dessert. I have to be honest, I had no room for dessert, but I was curious whether they would have a dessert menu. At this time they do not, but they will be outsourcing the desserts from a local spot near the restaurant.

I can’t reveal who yet, but let’s just say my mom and I went and scouted out the dessert shop. You won’t be disappointed. I ordered a few things to go from the dessert place and we were impressed. Really good desserts. So YAY for yummy dessert. It will be a sweet finish to the restaurant dining option.

Overall The New Pelicans on the Bayou was exceptional. The service was incredible, the food was delicious.

I had an opportunity to speak with one of the owners, Mrs. Sandy G. for a few minutes. It was nice to hear her heart. I love that she has a big heart for the City of New Iberia.

The New Pelicans on the Bayou is a must visit spot. The restaurant will have live music on the weekends. I hear the deck area is the place to be at night. The deck is lit with lights throughout.

The restaurant is a family friendly atmosphere that will be an amazing asset to the New Iberia area.

A few of my followers mentioned to me how glad they are to see the restaurant reopened. So I love that!

The New Pelicans on the Bayou is located at 5 Jefferson Street, New Iberia, LA. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Saturday from 10:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays.

And be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.