A few Thursdays ago, myself and few other ladies had the priviledge of dining together at Coyote Blues. Coyote Blues is a Mexican Grill that has been opened for several years. Their menu ranges from your typical Mexican dishes to Cajun inspired dishes. Their dishes are made with fresh ingredients. 

The salsa was pretty good. It wasn’t anything to run home and tell everyone but it was good. The guacamole was delicious. I am not much of a guacamole eater, but I really enjoyed the guacamole. I wasn’t the only one, many of the ladies enjoyed the guacamole. The salsa and guacamole is served with their homemade chips.

I decided to get one of my favorite drinks, strawberry lemonade. Coyote Blues has some of the best strawberry lemonade in Lafayette. 

This particular day, I wasn’t very hungry so I decided to go with a light lunch. I ordered the Corn, Crab & Poblano soup. The soup was awesome. The flavors married very well together. There was chunks of crab,  topped with lots of cilantro. I love the little tortilla that is placed in the soup with kernel corn and crab. Good stuff.   

The soup also came with a corn bread that was in the shape of a cactus. A very nice touch and cute. The cornbread was good, but it wasn’t great. I did eat some of it, but I loved, loved the soup.

I ordered the soup combo, which came with a soup and beef taquitos with queso. The Taquitos had beef inside and were deep fried and placed on a bed of lettuce topped with cheese and served with queso on the side. Their queso is superb! It’s not thick, it’s the right consistency and that’s the way I like it.  My only complaint is that the taquitos were a little bland to me, I would have liked a little more heat.

Mrs. Nichole ordered the Bean Burrito with queso. As you can see pictured below, the dish looked really good, but I am not sure about just a bean burrito. Kmsl. I like my meat in my burritos.  Mrs. Nichole said that the burrito was good and well seasoned.  But, she the portion size was too big.

Autumn had the Spicy beef taquitos topped with queso. Her dish was very similar to the side dish I ordered of the Taquitos with the exception that her dish was larger than the one I had. She said her dish was so good and not too spicy. The taquitos were crunchy the way she liked it to be. The dish looked great!  

Pictured below is the Fiesta Salad. Teresa ordered this salad. The salad was very colorful. The salad had shredded iceberg, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, shredded carrots, squash, zucchini, red onions, corn and black bean medley and tortilla strips. The dressing was the spicy jalapeno and salsa ranch. The picture is a small and it was a hefty portion. 
She enjoyed her salad but she said the salad dressing lacked salsa and the spicy jalapeno is not her favorite but she’s not a fan of regular ranch. 
Tammy, Mrs. Tara and Robin all ordered the Organic spinach salad. The organic salad has sun-dried tomatoes, spiced pecans, diced mango, red onion, bleu cheese crumbled, balsamic apple cider viniagrette, fried tobacco rings.  

Some of the ladies had the salad with the spiced pecans and some without. Tammy enjoyed the salad, she said the mango was amazing in the salad. Mrs. Tara said the salad was very good. Robin said it was ok, but the apple balsamic dressing wasn’t good. 
Overall the service at Coyote Blues was awesome. The wait wasn’t long during the lunch rush. We were seated immediately, the crowd was very steady. Everything came out on time. 
Coyote Blues has a very extensive menu that will cater to everyone in the family. Coyote Blues is perfect if you are looking for a place to have a birthday party or gathering. Coyote Blues is located at 5741 Johnston Street, 988-3668 and the hours of operation are Monday 11am-9:30, Tuesday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm & Sunday 11am-9pm.