Most of us know Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Guy travels all over the country searching for the best dishes. He also as a show call Grocery Store Games, Celebrity Cook Off and Kid Cookoff with Guy and Rachel. He’s a foodie on steroids.
When we found out that he had a restaurant in Las Vegas, we knew we wanted to try his restaurant. This restaurant is located in the Linq Hotel & Casino. The Restaurant is known for their Casual Food. Dishes like Wings, Burgers, Tacos and many other shareable dishes.
As I read over the menu one of the things that most people were ordering was the Burgers. But that day, I didn’t feel like eating a Burger so I passed. But there was one Burger that I kept seeing which is the Macaroni and Cheese burger. It looked amazing, but I wasn’t in the mood for a Burger.


We took a little while to decide what we wanted to eat. But while waiting we enjoyed the restaurant and the layout. The restaurant had a really nice casual atmosphere to it. There was Televisions everywhere, both inside and outside. The inside offered a nice Bar area with Rawhide like chairs. They appeared very comfortable.


The outdoor seating area was to die for. I loved it, because I could people watch while talking to my husband and daughter. The air was cool and refreshing outside. The outside area also had Flat Screen Televisions. A very nice, wide open area.



The kitchen area was very open as well. I could see the food being prepared as I passed through the dining area. Personally, I thought it was very nice to be able to see the food being prepared and ready to be delivered to each table. The workers didn’t seem bothered by me taking pictures. They were both comfortable and polite.


One visual item that I loved was Guy’s UNLV Culinary Coat was displayed. He is a UNLV graduate. Guy’s decision to open up this location to pay tribute to his Alma Mater. The restaurant opened up earlier this year. So it is a new restaurant.

After a few minutes of studying the menu, we decided to order shareable appetizers. Below is the Double Barrel BBQ Wings coated in a blend of Guy’s signature bourbon brown sugar BBQ sauce and chipotles, served with crispy fried onion straws, tangy ranch + raw veggie medley. These BBQ wings were shaped like lollipops. They shaved down the wings and shape the wings like lollipops. The sauce was absolutely delicious. The presentation was beautiful. I was blown away by the presentation. I love the choice of veggies and how the veggies were cut and placed in a small wooden display. The dish was served with a side of homemade ranch dressing.

We also ordered the Guy-talian Fondue Dippers. The pepperoni-wrapped pretzels were served with smoky provolone and Italian pork sausage cheese dip,
topped with fresh diced tomato and basil. This dish was just ok for me. But our little girl loved it. But she is a cheese and pepperoni lover. The presentation on this dish was gorgeous. The cheese dip was a little too thick for me. If it was a little thinner I think it would have been better. The pepperoni wrapped pretzels were ok as well. The banana peppers were a nice touch.

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Below is the Dragon’s Breath Chili Cheese Fries. The fries consist of a mountain of waffle fries covered in Guy’s “low and slow”
cooked chili topped with melted cheddar, pico de gallo,
sour cream and scallions.  Beautifully presented dish. The waffle fries were overcooked and too crispy. The chili topping was delicious. The homemade cheese sauce was very good. The toppings on this dish were also good. The flavors balanced out well together.


Overall the items we chose were pretty good. My least favorite menu item was the Pepperoni sticks. One of the things I disliked about the restaurant was that there was not a kids menu. But the waitress did offer to do a kids hamburger. I would suggest that they build a kids menu.

The other thing was that after we were seated the waitress took too long to come and take our drink order. We had to ask for a waitress after 10 minutes of waiting.  She did apologize and was an amazing waitress and pretty funny.

Our dining experience was good and the food was delicious. I would definitely dine there again. The burgers will be on the agenda next time.