My husband and I had the opportunity to attend a VIP Preview Party for Rodizio Grill. We were excited to be in attendance. 

Upon Entrance into the restaurant there was a very warm feel. We were immediately greeted by the hostess. My husband and I arrived early so were able to walk around, take pictures, etc. The look of the restaurant was very clean. 

I love that they didn’t go overboard with the decorations. A nice clean look accented with beautiful flower arrangements and Color popping Art. Simply gorgeous. 

The Salad Bar area was stunning. The flower arrangements on top added such a nice accent to the entire bar.

We were seated shortly after arriving. Once we were seated a young lady named Jordan came to our table and introduced herself. She proceeded to tell us about the different drink options. I am a fruity girl, so she had me at Fresh Limeades. I love that they have a variety of drinks both with and without alcohol.
My husband and I ordered the Rodizio Limeade. Which is a mixture of Limes and Cream. I choose the Strawberry and he went a regular Limeade. So good. Absolutely delicious. I preferred the Strawberry over the regular Limeade.  The flavors vary from day to day. The drink is also available in Diet. The drinks were served in a big glass and accented with Lime. 

Once we received our drinks she gave us the spill on how everything works. We have dined at a Brazilian Steakhouse’s before but we wanted her to get the practice, so we allowed her to go all the way through it.

For the wine drinkers there is a wall of wine dedicated to you, wine of choice. In addition, there is a bar area, which is quite nice. I like that it is in a corner separate from the restaurant. A nice touch.

Pictured below is the Cue. The Cue allows you to control how much Meat comes to your table. If you need a break  simply turn it over to red. You are in control as to when to start and when to stop. The Cue is turned sideways for dessert.

We started with the Salad Bar first. The Salad Bar was loaded with delicious fresh salads of all kind, potato salads, green salads, fresh cheese, fresh meats, fruits and veggies. In addition, soups, many different dressings and other sides like Mashed Potatoes and Pastas. 
One important thing to note is that the Salad Bar is 100%MSG Free, 100% Peanut free and 95% Gluten Free, which I know is good to know for many people. 
The Salad Bar has over 30 items. When you purchase the salad bar, you can enjoy unlimited appetizers and unlimited salad bar. One word of advice is if you are purchasing the entire Brazilian Meal, I would suggest you walk around the salad bar to see what options are available on the bar. It is easy to get full just from the salad bar. 

Pictured below is our Salad Plates. Some of the things I had was the Caesar Salad, a delicious shell pasta salad, fresh pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, a green salad with the normal toppings like tomatoes, eggs. I even had quail eggs on my salad. Very good.

My husband had some of the same things but he had the grilled asparagus as well. With a few other different salads. The salads were so fresh. The salad bar had many different options. I would go for the salad bar.

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Once we were seated from the Salad Bar, another waitress placed 2 dishes, one was Pao de Queijo which was a Brazilian Cheese bread with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Fresh bread that looks like a small muffin. Omg, delectable. I could have eaten 2 or 3 bowls of just the bread. The bread was nice and hot. Scrumptious. 
We also had a Banana Frita which was fried and topped with cinnamon and sugar. Just ok for me. Made me feel like it was time for Dessert and I was far from ready for dessert, but it was ok.  

Palm of Heart Soup was the Soup of the Day. The soup was creamy with corn and heart of palms which is similar to an artichoke. The soup had chunks of the heart of palms. It was a savory soup, but the soup lacked salt. 
A heart of palm is the inner core and growing bud of a palm tree.  This was my first time eating this. The heart of palm has a mild flavor and tender. Commonly eaten in salads. In Brazil the heart of palm is called a Palmito. 
When we were ready, we turned the Cue over to green. In a matter of seconds the Gauchos were at our table. The Gauchos are the gentlemen that come around and serve the meats at each table. 
First up pictured below was the Marinated Chicken and Chicken Hearts (Coracao De Frango). The Chicken was very moist and well seasoned. The Chicken Hearts was delicious. The texture was similar to a gizzard without being rubbery. A great source of protein too. The Chicken Heart is a Brazilian favorite for appetizers. 

We had the Presunto. The Presunto is one of the signature grilled items. Which is a ham that is trimmed and grilled to perfection and basted with a sugar glaze. The best Ham ever. Made me think of Thanksgiving Dinner.. Yum. The meat was Succulent.

This meat pairs perfectly with the Grilled Pineapple. We didn’t get to try the two together but they both were very good. The pineapple was sweet and very tasty.

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Linguica is a Brazilian Sausage. This pork sausage was grilled to perfection. Absolutely amazing. The sausage is made with a MSG free recipe.

Pictured below is the Center Cut Steak, known as the Miolo Da Paleta. The steak is very lean with a mild flavor. The meat is lightly seasoned. Looking for more seasoning try medium or well done.  A beautiful peace of meat.

Below is the Frango Com Bacon. The Chicken is wrapped in Bacon. A savory and juicy piece of meat. Seasoned well. One of my favorite of the night.

My absolute favorite of the night was the Sweet & Spicy Chicken. Wow. Packed with flavor. The chicken was moist and not dry and known as Frango Agri-Doce. The chicken is basted with a homemade sauce. What a kick. Amazing..

I love that there was a Seafood option. Swayfish with Red Bell Pepper. The fish was lightly seasoned. Pretty good.

My only complaint is that there was no Dessert that night to try. But I promise once I go and try the Desserts, I will update the blog with this information. 

We were able to speak with the Corporate Chef, Chef Duda. This Chef is responsible for the training at each restaurant. He was a very nice guy who was very engaging and willing to answer whatever I asked. 
One of the owners, Phil Devey came by our table and spoke with us. He is a really nice guy who has a passion for what he does.  One thing that he said that stuck with me, “it’s not all about me.  Our restaurant is only as successful as our workers. Our workers are a key piece to the success of our restaurant. No matter how good I am, I can’t do it by myself”.  I love that! Business owners sometimes forget that they can’t do it alone. So awesome. 

If you are looking for a place to host a Birthday party, family gathering, meeting room, check out Rodizio Grill. There Meeting room is very nice and private. 
Rodizio Grill is in a great spot. I think they will do well at this location. The address is 4243 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, 101. The restaurant has so many great options to offer, even a vegetarian can enjoy a delicious salad bar. 

Let me know how you enjoy Rodizio Grill. I know that you will be blown away by the Food, Service and Atmosphere. Enjoy.