Strawberry Banana Smoothie


  • Banana
  • Strawberries (6 cut into small pieces
  • Almonds (hand full; already sliced or chopped)
  • Yogurt (Chobani Strawberry Yogurt, 5.3 fl oz)
  • Ice (1/2 cup crushed)
  • Lactaid Milk (use your milk of choice, approximately 2 tsp)
  1. Add the sliced almonds to the NutriBullet cup and use the milling blade for the almonds. Then set aside.
  2. Add the Chobani Strawberry Yogurt to the large NutriBullet Cup.
  3. Add the Crushed Ice
  4. Add Chopped almonds
  5. Cut strawberries into smaller pieces and then add to the cup with the other ingredients.
  6. Chop up one banana into small pieces and toss into the cup.
  7. Add a splash of milk to the cup.
  8. Place the lid with the blade on top.
  9. Blend for a minute or so. Shake and blend a few seconds and you are good to go.

Optional alternatives would be:

  • almond milk,
  • pecans or peanuts instead of almonds,
  • plain or other fruit yogurt instead of strawberry yogurt,
  • omit the nuts, use the mill to grind up granola instead to give you that texture.