Beau Bassin Cafe is a new up and coming coffee shop located in the historic Bank of Lafayette in the heart of Downtown Carencro.  The building was built in 1906 on Main Street in Carencro.


Beau Bassin Cafe is a Creperie, Coffee and Gelato Cafe.

Upon entrance into the Cafe, I noticed it had a very clean and classy look. Some of the historic features were maintained during the transformation of the building.


The wood and white mixture gave the cafe a clean look. Throughout the cafe were pops of red. The different seating options were a nice touch.


Prior to ordering, I tried the gelato; 3 flavor options, Vanilla, Lemon and Chocolate. I tried the lemon and vanilla. The gelato had a nice texture. Simple flavors but tasty. Pictured above.


I ordered the Vanilla Cappuccino pictured below. The Cappuccino had a very smooth taste, not bitter and no after taste. The vanilla was perfect, really good.


My mom ordered a Hazelnut Cappuccino.  My mom felt that the hazelnut cappuccino needed a little sweetener but other than that a really good cappuccino. 


After we finished our Cappuccino we ordered a few Crepes. The first Crepe we ordered was the Jambon, Suisse and Epinards. The name of the Crepe was in French; a savory crepe (Salees) that included Cured or Black Forest Ham with Swiss cheese and Spinach.


The Crepe pictured above was very good. The Crepe itself was delicious. My only complaint was that the cheese could have been melted a little more but the Savory Crepe was delicious.


Above was the Ananas, Limons and Steen’s Syrup. The sweet Crepe (Sucrees) pictured above included Pineapples, Lime and Steen Syrup. Garnished with Pineapples and Lime and Steen drizzled on top. The Crepe had a really good flavor, but the pineapples were too big. I recommended cutting the pineapples into smaller chunks. Overall the flavors were well-balanced.


Pictured above was the Biscoff. The Biscoff Crepe was so good. The Crepe pairs wonderfully with coffee; The best of the day. OMG!! Beautifully prepared.


The Baristas/Crepe Makers were amazing. Wonderful service, very informative and willing to answer any questions I had about the menu.


All preserves used in the Crepes are purchased from local distributers. The eggs are fresh farm eggs used in the Crepes and the Omelets.


Before leaving we ordered fresh Citrus, Mint Tea, available either hot or cold. A refreshing and light tea. The perfect drink to wash it all down.


Overall our time at Beau Bassin Cafe was amazing. The Crepes and Coffee were incredible. I am already looking forward to the next time, I am able to go back and enjoy.

A cool spot to hang out with your girlfriends, for date night with your spouse, or a place to get some work done. The cafe is in a really good location.

The cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating.


Prior to leaving, I had a chance to speak with the owner, Stephen Ortego. Stephen is a really nice guy.

I was blown away by the fact that he is such a young man. He’s very intelligent and driven. Stephen is a local Architect with a background in Politics.

Stephen is invested in the city of Carencro. I love that he chose such an historic building and renovated the space bringing high quality food and drinks to the Carencro area.


Beau Bassin Cafe is located at 203 E. St. Peter Street, Carencro, LA. The hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm, Friday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm,  Saturday  8:00 am -9:00 pm and Sunday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.


3 thoughts on “Beau Bassin Cafe, Downtown Carencro”

  1. For Stephen. Congratulations on you beautiful cafe!. I just found out that there are some Broussard’s coming in from France and staying at Brenda Mouniers and are friends with Sam Broussard. I would like to meet them and bring them around. They are interested in going to a “cafe”, but I am not sure if it is to eat, have coffee or what. I was thinking that I could bring them to your place on the Saturday morning. They also want to go to a French Table. The couple are in their 40’s and have three children 19,15 and 8. Will you happen to be at your cafe on Saturday Aug 13 in the morning for them to have coffee or breakfast and to speak French with them? Thanks, Cheryl 232-1030

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