Cajun Food Tours was started by Marie Ducote-Comeaux. Marie is a retired Louisiana history teacher. She is very passionate about the culture here in Louisiana, the people, the rich heritage and of course the delicious food.

Marie had the opportunity to take her very first walking tour in 2010 while in Baltimore, MD. The opportunity to enjoy the history, culture, sites and food sounded like her kind of tour. She was impressed with the food tour idea, she tried another tour while in Seattle.

Food Tour 3

In November of 2011, she tried her very first bus food tour in Louisville, KY. The tour left a lasting effect on her. She returned to her hotel room that night and she tossed back and forth with the idea that she might be the one that needed to start something like this in Lafayette.

Marie prayed and prayed but she could not shake the thought. She prayed about it for a few months, but no matter how much she prayed the idea remained and she knew that she was called to do it.

She resigned from her job and bought a bus. The start of The Cajun Food Tour was created!

Enough back story, let’s dive into the actual Food Tour. I had the opportunity to try the Cajun Food Tour. Mrs. Marie picks you up at a specified location.

Food Tour 5

I had the pleasure of going on the food tour with the Red Hat Society Ladies. The Red Hat Society is a group for women, designed to connect like-minded women, help women make new friends and helping to enrich lives through the power of fun and friendship!

These women were so much fun. Though I had never met any of the ladies before, they treated me so nice and made me feel apart. We had a blast!!


The Cajun Food Tour consist of 6 stops. This gives you the opportunity to try samples from each stop. Our tour consisted of Cajun Market Donut, Papa T’s, Ton’s, Chop’s, La Cuisine De Maman Restaurant and Bon Temps Grill.


Our first stop was at The Cajun Donut Company. Our samples included a red velvet cake donut, a blueberry cake donut and a boudin kolache. We were offered complimentary coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate with our food.

Great start to our Food Tour.


Cajun Market Donut serves donuts with a twist. Not your traditional donuts.


Our second stop was Papa T’s. Papa T’s is a Cajun, Creole restaurant that serves plate lunches and desserts.


Papa T’s has some of the best food in the area. We were served the shrimp and grits. The shrimp and grits were so good. The ladies could not stop talking about how good the dish was. The consistency of the grits and creaminess of the sauce was so good.


We were able to speak with the owner, Tony Robertson. He was so welcoming and willing to answer whatever questions the ladies had. His dish was a hit.


The time at Papa T’s was one of my favorite of the day. His dish was in my top 3 as well of the tour.









“Allons Manager”, Let’s go eat off to the next stop.


Ton’s is a restaurant that has been around for a very long time. In business for about 53 years. The oldest restaurant in Broussard. The menu at Ton’s is massive. They have the majority of menu items that the restaurant started with.


The menu has remained the same over the years.


We were served the Shrimp Stew with potato salad. The dish tasted like your grandma’s shrimp stew. Very good.

Ton’s is one of my favorite places to pick up breakfast. I love that they have a drive thru. I can place my order ahead and pick up my food.


Ton’s is located in Downtown Broussard.

Food Tour 4

After leaving Ton’s we headed a few miles down the road to Chop’s.  Chop’s is a speciality meat market, deli, plate lunches and catering place.


Pictured below was the sample plate. Boudin, Duck in a blanket and chicken salad on crackers. Served with Swamp pop, Satsuma Fizz and Ponchatoula Rouge. The stop was in my top 3.


Everything was perfect on the plate. A great choice of menu items. 


Chop’s has a large variety of meats that are pre-seasooned, packaged, some frozen items. Many meat options to choose from.


In additon, we also had the opportunity to eat Cracklin made in the storehouse.


So good! Below is a picture of the Cracklin. Yum.


Our next stop was Vermilionville. Vermilionville alone is such a beautiful property.


La Cuisine De Maman Restaurant serves up Cajun and Creole dishes. Food like your mama serves in her kitchen.


We arrived a little early. The ladies loved being outside. We sat around talking and enjoying the beautiful weather we were blessed with on that day.


We were served the Gumbo. The gumbo was well seasoned with a beautiful thick roux. So good!


I had never been to La Cuisine Da Maman Restaurant, but I am looking forward to going back. The gumbo was very impressive.


The restaurant was very spacious and their is a back area that overlooks the Vermillion.


Our final stop was Bon Temps Grill Express.


The Banana’s Foster Bread Pudding was served pipping hot. Superb dessert.


Coffee was also served with the dessert. Such a delicious dessert. Many of the ladies purchased one to go. Superb.


Overall the Cajun Food Tour was so much fun. The tour is a great way to meet new people. The tour gives you a glimpse into the food world. The tour is not just for out of town tourist, but also for people who live in the area. Each tour is different. So don’t worry if you have gone once, don’t worry Mrs. Marie has several restaurants that are apart of her tour.

An awesome experience. The bus fits 14 passengers. Jump aboard the party bus for a fun and tasty tour.

For more information on The Cajun Food Tour visit



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  1. Marie, I am so happy that you are having so much success with this terrific opportunity! It fits your personality to a “T”!! Also glad to see that others are admiring what you are doing bringing our culture, food and way of living to others all around us! Thanks for a job well done!!!

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