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Rock-N-Sake Bar and Sushi is new to River Ranch. Offering a very modern decor with an uptown flare.


As we walked up to the restaurant, we absolutely fell in love with the outdoor patio space. We decided to dine outside on the lovely patio.


Before being seated we went into the restaurant so I could take a few photos.

The interior was very modern. The sushi bar was in one area and the bar area in another. Which was a good set up.


The restaurant itself was not very big. We arrived at about 6 and the inside was almost full on a Thursday night. After I was done taking photos we were seated outside.


The sushi area was setup nicely, a long bar.


We ordered our drinks. I always order a fruity drink of some kind. There was no specific non-alcoholic drink on the menu but the bartender made me a drink. It was ok.


After looking over the menu, we decided on two appetizers. The Gyoza was the first appetizer. Pan-fried dumplings stuffed with seasoned beef.


The Gyoza was very good. Seasoned well, crispy with a nice kick. The dipping sauce was superb. I absolutely loved this appetizer. My mouth is watering for another order as I am writing this blog.


We also ordered the Rainbow Seafood Salad. Pictured above, the rainbow seafood salad included vibrant tuna, yellowtail, fresh salmon and crab stick combined with refreshing cucumbers, buttery avocado chunks, cherry tomatoes, smelt roe. green onions and finished with our ponzu sauce. A ponzu sauce is a citrus based sauce that is often used in Japanese cuisine.


A very colorful and beautifully presented salad.

The small plates and salads came out fairly quickly.


The Spicy Gyoza Soup was very intriguing so we ordered a bowl. When I say, I am glad we did. Not an understatement. The soup was packed with flavor and a intense spice level. The aroma as the bowl was placed on the table, simply incredible. Wow.

The Spicy Gyoza Soup included beef stuffed gyoza dumplings with assorted vegetables and crab stick in a spicy broth. Amazing.

By far my favorite dish of the night.

2 sushi copy

We ordered two sushi rolls. The rolls were called the Triple S and the Rock N Roll. Both are pictured above.


The Triple S included Spicy Tuna, Shrimp Tempura, cream cheese and jalapeño on the inside topped with snow crab, tuna, onion ceviche sauce, green onions, smelt roe, and black sesame seeds with jalapeño eel sauce and spicy mayo.

The Triple S roll had lots of textures but the textures worked well together.


The Rock N Roll included tempura shrimp, snow crab, avocado, and asparagus with smelt roe on the outside & drizzled with homemade eel sauce.

The Rock N Roll Sushi was huge. Hard to eat in one bite. The asparagus added a nice touch to the roll.


The Sushi menu was creative and fresh. The sushi was good. The seafood was fresh. The sushi rolls we choose were not the best I have ever had but the rolls were good.


We ordered dessert as well. The hubby and I couldn’t decide on a dessert to share so we ordered two different ones. He chose the mango sherbet. Pictured above.

The mango sherbet was a very simple dessert but delicious. Smooth and delicious sherbet topped with whip cream. A win in his eyes, because he loves sherbet.


I chose the PB & J Roll. The PB & J roll included Peanut butter in a rice and soy paper, panko-crusted and flash-fried set in a pool of honey infused grape jelly. I give the chefs an A for effort, but that dessert was terrible.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love dessert, but I left 90 % of the dessert on the plate. Wow.

The dessert left me underwhelmed but I will not give up on there desserts. Next time I go, I will try something else. I would scrap that dessert. Not good at all. Sorry, but I have to be honest.

Overall we loved our dining experience at Rock-N-Sake. The waitress was very good. She was informative and helpful in deciding on what to order. With the exception of the dessert, the food was delicious. The food was served in a timely manner.

The patio was really nice outside, but the tables were a bit too close together. My husband and I couldn’t talk as freely as we would like because of the distance between the tables.  But, the ladies seated besides us were very nice. We actually talked a bit together with the ladies.

The music playing in the background really sets a nice atmosphere.

Rock-N-Sake is a nice place for a date night or a place to have dinner with your girlfriends for a night out.  Word of advice, arrive early to avoid having to wait. We arrived right before the mad rush.

Rock-N-Sake is located at 107 Stonemont Rd, Lafayette, LA in River Ranch.


The Hours of Operation are Tues.- Thurs. 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Friday 11:00 am – 2:30 pm; 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm,  Saturday 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm and Sunday 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm.


Rock-N-Sake is ready to rock the Lafayette area.