Dark Roux is a restaurant that showcases the ingredients of local farms creating very innovative dishes. Dark Roux has become one of my favorite places to dine especially for special occasions.

Father’s Day was a few weeks ago. I wanted to treat my husband to a nice dinner so we decided to go to Dark Roux. My husband loves good food. Like me he enjoys restaurants with great dining experiences.


We arrived at Dark Roux and we were seated immediately. One of the things that I love is that their menu changes seasonally.

After we ordered our drinks we started looking through the menu. We knew that we would be ordering a few small plates or Chef Snacks as well as an entree and a dessert.


We came across something on the menu called the Chefs’ Tasting. The Chefs’ Tasting allowed us to try 12 Chefs’ Choices. With the Chefs’ Tasting, the entire table must participate.


First up was the buttermilk biscuit with confit chicken gizzard, peach jam and beer mustard. This Chefs’ Snack was very good. I love gizzards. The gizzards were prepared nicely and topped with very flavorful pickles which balanced everything nicely.


The buttermilk biscuits were yummy. This small plate was so good. A very good start.


The Chef’s daily soup was A Corn Soup. The soup was presented nicely very, fresh and creamy. Lacked a little salt but overall pretty good. The soup was finished with a nice oil on top and cream. Beautifully presented.


The Crawfish Corn dogs were one of my favorites of the night. The crawfish corn dogs were served with fermented chili aioli. Omg!! Really good together. I loved the way the corn dogs were presented on the skewers and the block. Super cool.


The Pork Troutter Croquettes was on point. A Croquette is a small bread-crumbed fried food roll that is stuffed with the main ingredient. In this case it was pork. The Croquette were served with a deviled egg purée, pickled wax beans and a herb aioli.  Superb dish. The components of the dish worked well together.


The next dish was the heirloom tomato salad. The salad was served in a cute bowl. The dish included cucumber, mizuna, tarragon and corn vinaigrette. Refreshing and light salad. Great flavors.


The Gulf Shrimp dish was served next. The dish was eye catching. The pickled gulf shrimp with coal roasted peaches, burrata, arugula, & honey creme.  The presentation of this dish was so cool.

I loved the liquid nitrogen coming from the dish when the waiter came to the table with it.

As we ate the dish, the dish tasted nothing like what it appeared. I wasn’t sure that the flavors would work, but it did.


The Lump crab salad was gorgeous. The lump crab was placed on top of a fried eggplant and served with shaved cantaloupe and a basil vinaigrette. Beautiful.  The cantaloupe added a different element to the dish. So good.


This next dish was in my top 3 of the night. Superb. The crispy chicken breast. The chicken was placed on a bed of a golden Yukon potato purée, celery veloute and burnt onions. A veloute is a velvet like sauce according to the French.

Garnished with beautiful green herbs and burnt onions. Gorgeous dish. The chicken was prepared nicely. The chicken was moist. Each component added a different level to the dish.

What a great way to elevate a chicken and potatoes dish by added charred onions and beautiful herbs.

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture The best dish of the night for us.


The hanger steak was served with a farm egg, pickled green beans, an oyster mayo and smoked chili.

Another gorgeous plate. The hanger steak with the arugula and aioli was perfect. Really good piece of steak, cooked just right and the salad was gorgeous. The farm egg completed the dish nicely. So good.


On to the desserts. Omg!!! Yum yum. My favorite courses of the night. No seriously, they did not hold back.

First up was the seasonal cobbler served with ice cream. The cobbler of the night was peach. The peaches were so fresh. The cobbler was tasty but my only complaint would be that the dessert had no crust. Where was the crust? For many of us the crust is the best part. I missed that part. But overall a good dessert. Not overly sweet but just right.


The cornbread pudding and milk was served next. I have to say, I had to laugh when I saw this dessert. Because the first meal I ever prepared for my husband when we were dating was corn bread and milk. He loves cornbread but he will not eat it with milk in the same bowl. This cracked me up.

But about the dish, the cornbread pudding and milk was hot in this super cool dish. The milk was added at the table and a served with a rum sauce. Very good.

The crust and presentation of the cornbread pudding was golden brown with a nice texture. I loved this dessert so much.


The hubby did taste the dessert and he was very impressed with it.

So Chef, can I get some lessons on making this cornbread pudding and milk dish for him? OK, I am joking but I am serious too.


Our final dessert was what I was hoping for. Dark Roux serves Cookies and Milk and I saw the cookies and milk on their Instagram page. So I was hoping to get a chance to see this presentation up close.

I know you might be saying what’s so cool about that? It’s the presentation. The ice cold milk with the hot cookies. The presentation was so cool.


When the cookies and milk arrived at the table, I was smiling from ear to ear. The perfect ending to an amazing dining experience. We had an amazing time and enjoyed every minute of it.


Shout out to Josh our waiter, he was awesome! His service was impeccable. We were extremely pleased with the service provided by Josh. So thanks Josh.

I am looking forward to the Fall Menu. I want to go back and check out the Chefs’ Tasting for the Fall.


Dark Roux is on another level. If you are looking for an excellent dining experience this is the place to be. Top notch!

For more on their regular menu at Dark Roux visit my website and search for Dark Roux.

Dark Roux is located at 3524 Kaliste Saloom Rd Suite 101, Lafayette, LA 337-504-2346. The hours of operation are Monday – Sunday 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm, Brunch Friday – Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm and Happy Hour Friday – Sunday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.