This past week was Thanksgiving and my husband and I had the honor of hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year. We were so excited about building a menu around the most important meal item, the TURKEY.

My husband always does a great job with the Turkey. Our normal method is to bake the Turkey, low and slow but this year we decided to do something a little different, a Fried Turkey.

We talked about it about  a month ago and started looking into it. I have to be honest, we were hesitant for several reasons. One reason is there have been many accidents that have happened to people due to their lack of experience when frying a turkey.  Another reason we were hesitant was because we didn’t want  a greasy turkey.


After much thought and research, my husband found the Big Easy, Oil-Less Turkey Fryer. He told me all about it and said he was going to purchase one.


I said OK, go for it. He came home with it and we decided to test it before the big day. We tried a whole chicken. My husband injected the chicken with a creole style butter marinade. He also rubbed the chicken with his homemade rub.


He cooked the chicken in the fryer for about 40 minutes or so. After it was done, he let the meat rest a few minutes and then we tasted the final product. I must say, it was impressive.


The meat was moist, well seasoned and extremely delicious. This made us excited and we couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving morning.


The day before my husband made a rub for the Turkey, he also injected the turkey with the creole butter marinade by Tony Chacheres.


The next morning, we were ready. My husband put the turkey on at about 7:30 or so. After cooking for about 4 hours based on the suggested cook time based on the amount of pounds the turkey weighed.

When the turkey reached the necessary temperature he placed the top cover to cover the turkey and to begin the process of crisping up the skin.


He removed the turkey. The turkey was golden brown and had a nice crust on the outside. The turkey was gorgeously done.


We let the turkey rest for a few minutes. We had family prayer and then my husband started carving the turkey. I am so sorry I forgot to grab my camera and take photos of the sliced turkey.


The turkey was moist, well seasoned and was officially named the best Turkey that we had ever had. Below is a picture of what we had left of the turkey after dinner.


The Char-Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer is safer and easier to use. No expensive oil needed. The Oil-Less Fryer keeps all the moisture on the inside. Providing a tender and moist piece of meat with a crispy skin on the outside.

In addition, the drip pan catches all the juices from the flavorful meat that can be used in the gravy or other recipes.

The Oil-Less Fryer is simple to use. You connect the fryer to a 20 lb. propane tank and the fryer has an easy on/off control that is preset at the ideal roasting temperature.

This fryer performed to an A level in our book. A healthier option to the normal way of frying a turkey.


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