Last week the hubby and I met for our weekly lunch date. We decided to check out the newly opened Louisiana Poboy’s.


Louisiana Poboy’s has been around for years. They have another location on Johnston Street in Lafayette, LA.

Louisiana Poboy’s is locally owned and operated, serving up deliciously made to order poboy sandwiches on fresh baked bread since 2000.


Specializing in poboy sandwiches,  Louisiana Poboy’s restaurant offers daily lunch specials, fresh sandwiches, fresh salads, pasta salads, fresh baked french bread, homemade gumbo and burgers.


We started with an appetizer and tried the onion rings. The onion rings were fried nicely. The onion rings would have been even better with a dipping sauce.


The hubby ordered the half Catfish poboy with fries. The catfish poboy was delicious. The bread was toasted, one of the best poboy buns I have eaten in a long time. I am not a fan of poboys because most buns are hard. But not this one.

The catfish was fried golden brown served with lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup and tartar sauce. So good.


The hubby also ordered a hot dog with chili and cheese. The hot dog was served on the same type of bun. The hot dog was really good. I would recommend a smaller bun or larger hot dog weiner. But the taste of the chili cheese hot dog was on point.


I ordered the burger with cheese. The burger was fully dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, ketchup and cheese.

A good burger, well seasoned and cooked perfectly.  The presentation of the burger could of been better, but the taste was there.


The burger was also served with fries. The fries were good. Nothing fancy, simple fries.

Louisiana Poboys also offers a few menu items for the kids.


Overall we really enjoyed the food at Louisiana Poboy’s. The service was superb. The restaurant was clean and spacious. A family friendly environment.


Louisiana Poboy’s is ready to serve you at 3431 W. Pinhook Rd. Lafayette, LA. The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Go and visit Louisiana Poboy’s new location and be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.