Taco Sisters is a restaurant that is visually welcoming and colorful. Serving flavorful food to the community here in Lafayette for several years. They recently opened a new location, Midtown. Taco Sisters also has a location downtown and a food truck.

The new location, Midtown has been opened for a few months. I am late to the party, but I am glad that my schedule finally opened up to be able to have lunch there.

My husband & I met for our weekly day date this time at Taco Sisters. As we arrived the first thing I noticed were the beautiful flowers. I am a lover of flowers so this was very welcoming. The buildings exterior had been given a bright coat of paint.

There was a patio with tables available for outdoor dining.  But I didn’t notice any umbrellas, with the summer right around the corner, the heat is coming soon!  A few umbrellas would be nice for the tables.

We entered the restaurant and I noticed that the interior was very colorful offering different options for seating.  The restaurant was bigger than I thought. I like what I saw inside and the colorful bar stools at the bar area was a nice touch.

The restaurant had many tables or booths with window seating. There was an area that had chalkboards for the kiddos to enjoy when they are done eating. Cute idea.

We approached the counter to order. The menu was very similar to the downtown location if not exactly the same. I was a bit disappointed that the menu didn’t have different options.

The rustic look of the counter added a nice touch to the restaurant.

I ordered the Cherry Limeade to drink and my husband ordered the freshly squeezed lemonade. Both drinks were fresh and quite refreshing.

The hubby ordered the Smoked Pork burrito with refried beans and cheese on a flour tortilla. The burrito was good and  tasty.  Presentation wise I think that it could have been better but the flavors were on point.

I ordered the Brisket Taco with Pico de Gallo, Secret Sauce and the Taco Sisters Lettuce Mix. Superb!  A really good taco. I love that the Tacos and Burritos are also available on Wheat and Gluten-Free Tortillas.

We also shared an order of Rice & Beans with cheese and Pico de Gallo. Yummy, a delicious side dish.

We also ordered a Smoked Shrimp salad to go. The smoked shrimp salad is my absolute favorite item at Taco Sisters. This salad pictured below included Taco Sisters Lettuce Mix, Spring greens, Crisp Apples, Carrots and Purple Cabbage. I like the jalapeno ranch dressing with my salad. So good.

The salad also comes with avocado, Italian cheese mix, black olives, roma tomatoes and green onions. The best item on the menu in my opinion.

Overall I love the new location. The look is awesome. The vibe is super cool. The food is consistent just like the downtown location. I love that there is a drive thru for those eating on the go.

Taco Sisters offers healthier options without breaking your pocket book. The only complaint I had is that I would like to see a little different variety at the new location. A few suggestions would be a good Queso dip, nachos, a dessert and/or maybe a quesadilla.

There are kid options at the new location which I also love! The restaurant is family friendly and spacious. The tables are not on top of each other, providing space and privacy for each table.

The fresh flowers are a nice touch as well.

A very pleasant dining experience with quick service and fresh food. Fresh ingredients, not frozen. Vegan options and many options for the health conscience. As well as the freshest gulf fish and poultry.

Taco Sisters Midtown is located at 3902 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70506. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.