Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is about parenting, growing up and friendship. As parents we all wish our kiddos could stay small, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. We are raising our kids to enter society as adults and to hopefully make a difference.

My husband and I are very hands on parents. We love attending school functions. Attending their extra curricular activities, introducing them to new and fun things. But more importantly just watching and helping them flourish.

But as your kids grow it’s important to loosen the straps a bit to let them grow and develop into what God has called them to be.

Allowing them to realize right from wrong without being told this by us over and over.

Our baby girl is 10 years old and it’s crazy how fast she is growing up. We are seeing her become more and more independent.

She and I recently had an interesting conversation about friendship. As I listened to her talk, it was very eye opening because though I know she’s growing up it really became evident as I listened to her vocabulary and descriptions.

We talk all the time but this discussion was different. Which had me thinking after she left my room and went to bed.

As parents are we teaching our kids to be good friends? Do we agree with everything that our kids say or do we steer our girls in the right direction?

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Photo Credit: India

As a mom I try to emulate what friendship looks like by the way I treat my friends. I think being a good friend is important. We are not on earth to do life alone. But we are here to help others through kindness, friendliness and showing God’s love in our actions.

Friendship doesn’t mean we talk all the time or see each other every day but that we are there in time of need.

At a certain age girls can be mean and catty. As a parent I try hard to steer our kids in the right direction but at some point I’ve realized I have to allow them to choose without choosing for them?

One of the things that I often pray for our kids is for the spirit of discernment at an early age. Because there are some things we can’t see with our natural eyes, God will give us insight on.

Choosing friends wisely is critical as they enter the tween/teen years. I believe as we teach and show what friendship looks like in front of our kids, they will follow the path. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6 KJV).

But one nugget for parents is that we as parents must not assume our kids are always right but that we are able to discuss with our kids when they aren’t being a good friend. But also that it’s ok to disagree as friends. We should still be able to be friends and disagree in a cordial manner. This will make for a much better society and happier schools and playgrounds, sports teams, etc.

As well as when they venture into adulthood; allowing them to showcase what friendship looks like!

This was just on my heart and I felt the need to share.

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Photo Credit: India Today

I’m so thankful for the friendships that we have both here in Texas and in Louisiana. God has truly blessed us in an amazing way.


Happy Wednesday!