I couldn’t let International Women’s Day go by without giving a shout out to some of my favorite ladies.

Inspiring and encouraging one another as Women is one of most important things that we as women can do.

I am raising a young girl who I am constantly encouraging to be her best as a young lady and as a friend.  This is one of my most important jobs at this time is to raise kids that are going to be impactful in life.

Setting a good example before my daughter as well as motivating her to look up to other women who are working hard to inspire women and girls is important as well.

We recently had an opportunity to attend a Michelle Obama event, I Am Becoming.  So awesome.

One of things I love about Michelle Obama is that she is an inspiration to women and girls no matter your nationality or economic background.  Whether you agree with her policy or not she is an encouragement in the life she lives and how much she gives back but more importantly as a mom.

I can honestly say that I am blessed with some pretty amazing women in my life.

Even being as far as I am now from my close friends many of them have continued to remain in contact.

Praying for us, checking on us, and even visiting.

Friends who allow you to be yourself and not be something you are not.  I’ve learned as I am getting older having praying friends are just as important as any character trait in a friendship.

But the most important women in my life is my mom, grandmother and aunt.  They have inspired me since birth.  I am so blessed!  They have blessed my life so much.

Being an inspiration to other women like myself is critical because I believe that God has blessed me to inspire and encourage women.  I am humbled by this and even here in Houston this is my goal to continue to inspire other women like myself.

My prayer has always been even if I only chat with someone for a short time, Lord let my words be impactful in some way.

Take a minute today to encourage, inspire, call, pray or bless the women in your life.

Happy International Women’s Day!