Charcuterie boards have been around for a long time, but they have become extremely popular recently. Perfect for any gathering, party, date night or just for a family night.

Cheese Brothers is an independent cheese company based in Barron, Wisconsin.

From handmade cheese, gift packs, cured meat, snacks, jams and mustard and much more.

Cheese Brothers shipped me the Deluxe Charcuterie Pack. This pack was packed with fine Wisconsin cheese, gourmet meats, and handmade artisan treats.

This collection is ready to go for your next gathering or special occasion gift.

The cheese, a medley of flavors with savory Rhapsody and 8-Year-Aged Cheddar, the mild and creamy Fratello and Dill Havarti, and their famous Smoked Gouda.

Pair with the craft meats from La Quercia and specialty jams, mustards, and crackers from small Wisconsin makers.

For more information on Cheese Brothers visit their website. 

Wash it all down with this delicious Non-Alcoholic Sangria.

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