Easter baskets are traditions with most families.  I can remember being a child and my mom, grandmother and aunt made sure I had a Easter basket.  Something we looked forward to after church service and lunch with the family on Easter Sunday.

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Photo Credit: Crosswalk

My mom did it that way because she’s wanted us to remember what Easter is about, Resurrection Sunday, remembering God’s sacrifice for us.  Dying on the cross for our sins! Oh, He didn’t have to but He did!

I’ve been creating my kid’s Easter baskets for a few years now.  Each basket making starts with something to house the gifts.  Normally it’s something they can use again.

This year I went the bath theme. Their baskets were filled with bath items that makes bath time fun.

My son is obsessed with trucks. I purchased him a cement truck. The truck was filled with some cool items.

Bath tub markers by Crayola. Markers that you can use to write and draw on the tub, easy to remove.

Sesame Street Fuzzy tub colors. These tabs change the color of the bath water.

Sesame Street also makes bath bombs for kids that are safe.

Who doesn’t love slime? Nickelodeon has a bath time slime. How fun?

Bath squirters for my little man. Crayola’s animal squirters.

Don’t forget the bubble bath. Iron man bubble bath.

I finished it with some exotic hot wheels cars. He loves cars, so this was the perfect option to finish off his Easter basket.

It will be hard to get my son out of the tub.

For my daughter, I started with the ever popular caboodle.  When I was my daughter’s age, caboodles were a big thing. Caboodles are coming back. The traditional look as well as some non traditional looking ones.

Her basket was filled with bath items that I knew she would love.

Dr. Teal’s is one of my favorite epsom salt and bath bubbles items.  They now have a kid’s line.  How fun.  Such a good product.

I also included a mermaid goals set with a bath bomb and foam body scrub.  I love the packaging.

Every girl loves lotion and body spray. Bodycology has some wonderful scents. With the lotion and spray as well as the bath bombs in interesting shapes.

There is also Bath Slime for older kids.  Slime is huge for my daughter’s age so I knew she would love it.

I ran across this cute product Bubble Cake by Body & Earth. You crumble this into your bath water for a foam bath. Ok, I want to try this. So cute.

Lastly a Barbie Made to Move Basketball Player Doll. My girl loves basketball so I decided to get this one for her.

This completes her non-traditional basket which I know she will love.

More than just filling their baskets with a bunch of toys, I want it to be things that they can use daily.

We are blessed to be able to treat and buy our kids whatever they want but being able to fill a basket with meaningful things is important to us.  More importantly we don’t want Easter to be commercialized for them.  Keeping the true meaning of Easter is important.

So as you celebrate Easter with your family, please remember The Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

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Photo Credit: Lefkosa Protestant Church

Happy Easter!